Why Am I Here?

Last Update: October 18, 2014

I joined Wealthy Affiliate mainly out of curiosity. I know people are making money online with Affiliate marketing - after all someone got a payment when I signed up for Wealthy Affiliate - and I want to understand how it works as well as make some money of my own. The thing that always strikes me is that I don't personally know anyone who is making money this way. I live in a small town and I know heaps of people who are underemployed and have time on their hands they have a wealth of knowledge about a vast range of things that could turn out to be successful niches. If, by chance, I can get good at this I might be able to help some others get good at it also or give them some work writing articles. All my working life I've been pretty successful at what I've done - I understand business and can see no reason why I can't be great at this. I hope the best is yet to come.

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snrholt Premium
I like your attitude, and willingness to help others to better theirself.
CamEldon Premium
Hey Vicki,

I too live in a small town area and do not know anyone personally that makes a full time income from the internet. As you said it would be really nice to gain the skills necessary to spread awareness of the different legitimate ways of making money online. I believe we have come to the right place. I like how you want to help other because I would like to do the same thing. I am new to this program but if you get stuck shoot me a message and I will let you know if I run into the same thing. Your post was great and I hope you are finding success.

~ Cam
VickiB Premium
Thanks Cam
Kyle Premium
Any niche can be profitable and here within WA you are going to get to mingle with A LOT of people that are earning revenue doing this in pretty much every niche you can imagine.

So wonderful to have you here Vicky and if you ever need a hand with anything as you move forward with your business, just ask. You have lots of help here at WA!
VickiB Premium
Thanks Kyle I'm enjoying myself so far thanks for the encouragement
JadeLovane Premium
Exactly and beautifully said!

Take those risks and set the benchmark!

Best wishes
nathaniell Premium
That is absolutely correct...you have to be the trend setter here :) Though don't be surprised if people look at you like you are crazy. My family still doesn't really understand or care what I do..and my grandparents think I work for Google.

But WHEN you start making money from your website, you will be in a great position to help others that are willing to do the same as you. Take a risk, do some work, and benefit from the results!