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Last Update: October 18, 2015

A few years ago - I looked into Affiliate Marketing, an online Home Based Business, a Work from home opportunity and whatever else I could think of!!!

I have been rather blessed in a way as I have been "semi retired" for a few years. I have recently turned 53 years old but when I hit the big 40 I decided to "slow down a little!!!" I have a few rental properties therefore don't need to hold a traditional full time job for an income.

After looking online for something to occupy my time I came across this company and the promise was just too good. I joined and thought I would make a little bit of money while learning about Affiliate Marketing and keeping my mind active.

Unfortunately, all I got was a basic membership into something that was completely useless. And this didn't come at a cheap price - around $1000 per annum. There were upsells around each and every corner. I soon figured out that this was a scam and decided to cut my losses short and quit.

I became so negative towards working online that I took on a bricks and mortar business. The business went from closed down premises to being a very successull food business. The clients were truly awesome and the interaction with them was really great however the stress associated with running this type of business were far too great.Early morning starts, late night finishes, wholesalers to visit etc.etc

To cut a long story short, the business became extremely successful and busy.It was obvious that this was an excellent time to sell out and move on. Sold out successfully and turned back to the online world to find something to occupy my time.

This time I feel blessed that I came across Wealthy Affiliate. I haven't earned a million!!! a thousand or even a hundred yet!!! just a few measly dollars, however I am thoroughly enjoying the training, education, the community and knowledge provided here. I have a long way to go and a lot of learning to do yet - but this time I am absolutely certain that this is the last time I will be looking for "the next thing to occupy my time"

Thank you Kyle and Carson and the very generous help and support of the Wealthy Affiliate Community.

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MerleWays Premium
Hello Vic62: I'm so sure that's
been the experience of many of us. but we persevered, and now look at where we'er at. Have a good day.
KatieMac Premium
It is great when you find the genuine article I was so pleased to find WA here's too many successes along the way
rodeves Premium
Glad you found Wealthy Affiliate. All the best!
vic62 Premium
Thank you -
Best success to you
DJ5Designs Premium
Hi Victoria!
I just read your blog on 'Thanking WA'...I think we are very close to our experiences. I was involved in areas of scams that I could basically kick myself many times. I got involved in a sort of security lock..what a scam. I spent money I didn't have and when you were required to attend meetings to scam other people, they still made you pay $15 at the door even though you were a member! I won't go into the others because my husband doesn't believe anything I touch works. I will let him know when I start progressing in the positive so I rdon't hear any negative... It seems like there are a lot of us here that were screwed over and we need to get over it. If we don't we'll never get the taste out of our mouths..Good Luck and many blessings come your way..

p.s. I'm originally from England..FYI :)
vic62 Premium
Hi Donna
So nice to hear other have been at the same point and are now here and on the way to success. I see that you have only just joined WA and wish you the very best success very very soon.
Best wishes
AngelsBird Premium
It is a nice story and I wish you the same success as with your other business!
vic62 Premium
Thank you. I am very confident that following the training and asking where I don't quite understand, perseverance and effort will pay off. I am planning on writing a review on the program I had joined in the hope of ensuring others are aware of it's ins and out's