You’re not seeing results and think of quitting? Read this post first…

Last Update: September 25, 2019

There were several times I was thinking of quitting… I’m glad I didn’t.

As you know, today’s market is tough. It doesn’t matter if you work on or off-line. It’s difficult to succeed as well as to keep your job or business. I’m a witness of everyday closing small and medium businesses in Greece. It’s not just about businesses, but, about people and families “behind” them.

Nothing seems to be easy. Than, one day, you start thinking of quitting your online business. Let’s say, you didn’t manage to achieve expected results with your website and face a dilemma - to quit or not. I believe that following lines may help you make the right choice.

Let’s analyze first what you may lose if you decide to quit. Here are some of the opportunities you may have/ or lose (if you quit):

  • Beside having you own online business, that sooner or later can give you a residual or additional income, you can also
  • Work as WA affiliate
  • Earn money doing some tasks within WA (writing blogs, tutorials, comments, etc.)
  • If your site works /shows some results (not necessarily big), you can sell it, too. Then, start a new one and do the same.
  • You can work for others: on creating and maintaining their websites, coordinating their social media marketing efforts, copy-writing, etc.
  • Sell your knowledge in a form of Seminar, Webinar, online University
  • Work as an entrepreneur

If you decide to quit, you’ll lose your hard work - your time and money invested in your website, training, learning various programs, and so forth. Furthermore… If you’ve achieved a knowledge and experience level where you feel self-confident, you probably became a digital marketing or social media marketing expert, copy-writer that many companies would be happy to have in their teams and would pay well. If you quit… may potentially lose opportunities others dream of.

Being active online means – constant learning, improving yourself and thus, being in “top form” for any challenge on or off-line. Who sais that your online business should be the only challenge or the only source of your income?!

I’d like to share with you results from a test I did recently.

This test was supposed to give me answers related to: a/ offer and demand on Job Market related to our profession (copy-writing, digital marketing, social media marketing…) and b/ my personal chances to get a job on that market (with the knowledge and experience I have).

I was pleasantly surprised with too many opportunities for job positions in the field. There were stats regarding how many views each job ad had (usually -thousand of views/per ad), but unfortunately, no stats regarding the number of applicants per ad (important information, but ok).

I was not lazy and did my homework - have sent my CV to different companies in Greece, Cyprus, and Serbia applying for job positions: social media coordinator and digital marketing expert. Proud to say that I’ve got job interview invitations from several companies. More news – in my next blog post:) As you can see – I’ve got my answers! And they were both positive:

a/ there are plenty of job opportunities for us out there, and

b/ WA training helps – I was able to pass severe selection!

So, I’ll ask you again: Is it better to quit or to remain loyal to your professional commitments?

Final thoughts

Here’s my piece of advice - focus on what you’re doing, try to do your best, learn and test, and become an expert. The moment you became an expert, you won’t regret time and money invested in yourself and will be able to open different doors.

Hope this article gave you some good points to think of….

Wishing you the best of success,


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CashainDavid Premium
Such a great post with some good messages in it !
Thank you for sharing and i look forward to hearing what happens next.
Vesna2 Premium
Thanks a lot for such a supportive message, Cashain!:)
Wishing you all the best,
Tirolith Premium
If it was as easy as the con-artist reckoned everyone would be on the internet and we would not HAVE butchers, bakers, or undertakers, etc.
Vesna2 Premium
Agree with you, Tom! People focused on success and who spent time/years on the internet know the best how "easy" is to have your own online business. So... No one sais it's easy, but, in my opinion - worths!
Best regards
Stanleycmng Premium
Vesna, you hit the nail on the head. Digital marketing skills are in demand. Use what you learn here a an entrepreneur, leverage the platform to build a local business or use your skills and get a digital marketer job. You can also do all three if you have the bandwidth. Multiple income stream gives better income security over the long term.
Vesna2 Premium
Wow! Thank you so much for sharing your great ideas and for your kind support!:) Really appreciate it.
Warm regards and best wishes,
Scwebu Premium
Thank you for encouragement.
Vesna2 Premium
Thank you for your kind comment, Sandikazi:)
Best wishes!
klchang Premium
Congratulations, Vesna, on your achievements.
And ... thanks for your advice ... great one.
Wishing you the best of success too.
Vesna2 Premium
Thanks a lot, KL!
All the best!