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There were several times I was thinking of quitting… I’m glad I didn’t.As you know, today’s market is tough. It doesn’t matter if you work on or off-line. It’s difficult to succeed as well as to keep your job or business. I’m a witness of everyday closing small and medium businesses in Greece. It’s not just about businesses, but, about people and families “behind” them. Nothing seems to be easy. Than, one day, you start thinking of q
July 13, 2019
In my previous blog post “The WA system works!”, I've mentioned my aiming to try to find other vendors (besides Amazon), providing better commissions and long-term cookies. I’ve found them, but, had to do some Homework as well... Had to start to work on my new blog posts with different vendor hop links and now, am happy to inform you about my first beautiful earnings from that source. I kept receiving my Amazon’s tiny commissions, too… but, that’s ok. As
January 12, 2019
I agree with you… After “My first sale!” blog post you haven’t heard any news from me. While working on my new website contents and some programs that I want to apply on my site, I was thinking of updating mentioned post, because I had news that wanted to share with you. Finally, I decided to write a new (this) post instead of just updating the previous one. Well… After my first sale, I was expecting new sales. They didn’t come immediately, as I was hoping
July 31, 2018
I’m so happy for my biggest achievement so far – my First Sale on Amazon! This means that my website finally sells! Unfortunately, I won’t be able to see my first commission & I’ll immediately explain why. Last night I got Amazon e-mail informing me about realized commission and some problem with my account mentioning possible reasons that caused the problem. I already new what has caused the “problem”. Due to my not having any result in 180day-pe
August 18, 2017
Hello All, I just wanted to post a brief review of my progress in WA so far.I joined WA in May, 2017. Within these 3 months: I have joined WA Premium, built my brand new website (with 10 pages), published 8 articles, reached WA rank 553. Haven’t finished my 2nd level of training yet, but, work hard on it. I'm happy with my everyday making a progress - not fast, but, constant. I’m also very happy with WA members support, comments, feedbacks etc. It’s normal that we can not
June 21, 2017
I've just got my first WA certificationit! Feel great & enjoy a process and every sec of building my website.
May 24, 2017
I'm so happy for my today starting with WA Premium! Hope this time to acchieve my goals, making a progress, but earning at the same time. The second was missing all the time:)