31 High Ticket E-Bikes Sales from a Single Post - Not Even My Niche

Last Update: Apr 18, 2020

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Hello fellow WA members,

Today I wanted to share my results from an experiment I tried on my website. I didn't even expect this to be anything close to what it turned out to be. No it's not life changing, but still nice to see when such things bring good results. And they give you some new thoughts.

I started promoting Wealthy Affiliate first on my website sometime back as I chose MMO niche and then decided to promote other MMO products which is working quite well.

One Day I noticed people like to share how they buy luxury things like: a new laptop or a car or some luxury watches from the income they make from their online business and share them in their blog posts or on social media.

Passion Sells Well

Well I am a big fan of electric bikes and they are really cool as they allow you to go faster, much further and have so much fun. They even have a cruise control.

I then decided to write a simple review (In case you want to see it) of my Electric bikes on my website where I usually review MMO products.

The last e-bike- a smaller one on the left side in the picture below I purchased for $3600 from the money I earned with my website. I was so pumped to write a review because I own these e-bikes and I am a perfect guy to share my real experience with them.

By the way here they are.This thing on the left can easily go at 35 mp/h on throttle only. I am not promoting it, just want you to see what kind of products can sell pretty well.

Since WA teaches really well how to research keywords and gain website authority I was able to rank a single post for the main keyword: "Juiced Bikes Review" on the 1st page.

Again, the entire review is my real personal experience - about 2 ebikes that I bought. I even posted my complain with their customer service. And guess what I started getting some sales almost immediately.

31 sales Till Now Since August 2019

31 sales may not look like a lot but these are expensive products varying from $1500 all the way up to $4K. The only drawback is they pay only 3% commission. I wish they paid more. But the end result is very pleasant:

(Commission Details are starting from end of October. Purchases column shows total # of units from 2 affiliate links)

Well because of this Global situation right now and the fact that most e-bikes come from China there were no sales in March 2020 and it's clear why. No one is rushing to buy an e-bike, but even then today on 04/17/2020 I got another sale and decided to share this with you guys.

Electric Bikes/Scooters is a Great Niche

That's right - people do buy these products. I am part of few Facebook groups and people are just raving fans of these e-bikes, just like electric cars. They spend their last money to buy them or even more - they finance them.

So now imagine if I had a website reviewing all these e-bikes/scooters, accessories for these e-bikes, alarm systems etc... It can really add up to a decent monthly income.

This is a real example of - making money from somehing you are super passionate about.

My Strategy if I Were to Tap in to this Niche

No I am not planning to expand on this niche on my website and will keep it down to only 1 post since I want to continue with my product reviews, but if you are curious how I would approach it here it is:

  1. Write reviews targetting all different companies that sell e-bikes and other electric products and have affiliate program
  2. Create YouTube videos (A MUST)
  3. Have Instagram / Tik Tok and other Social media platforms (A BIG MUST)
  4. Join many e-bike groups on Facebook and post content to drive organic traffic. In fact create your own Facebook group
  5. Reach out for good backlinks to websites like Electrek (if you have unique content - they will link to you)

And there you have it. I noticed that e-bikes is such a product that sells itself. You really don't have to do anything, just talk about them, give people information

WA Training Really Works

I hope you can see the power of training offered here in WA. When your website gains some authority you can start promoting so many things and create multiple streams of income. Of course you want to keep relevance and flow of your niche, but I found it pretty cool to mix things in like this especialy when they do have direct relevance to my business.

Another Experiment?

The funny thing - next I was thinking to do another experiment and write a review on my Coffee Machine. Similarly just 1 single post. It's the coffee machine that works for me 365 days in a year. Without this coffee machine my business would have been impacted :) You guys know what I am talking about, especially for people who love coffee.

What do you guys think?

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I think this is the best news that have been share with us this week! And there are countless lessons to learn from your post. Congratulations and thank you for sharing it. It is just amazing what can be achieved online if you have the right niche and mindset.

All the best
Fun Accountant

Brilliant, Vasiliy!!!

When I put my thinking out of the box cap, I REALLY saw the difference between Amazon sales and other program sales. (Similar to what you did here.) And in April broke my absolute record which I'll be blogging about soon.

Thanks for sharing man! We need more business-related posts in WA, so people stop talking about random daily life stuff lol.

P.S. Just a constructive suggestion to hide your customers' emails for security reasons :)

P.P.S. I myself considering getting into bicycle/e-bikes niche but I know I just won't handle this much of work. Haha.

I am with you I love electric bikes. I bought a Unimoke from IndieGoGo several years ago and it took almost 18 months to get here, (Thailand) but it looks very similar to your juiced bike on the left with the log seat and the fat tires. The only difference really between the way mine looks and yours is the battery is under where I sit (center post).

I have had this bike for 3 years now and I still love it. I never thought of writing a review about it, but it is a great idea.

I would like to add shocks to my bike at some time in the future, it is good without them, but I think it could be great with them.

Thanks for sharing your story.


I think the idea of writing about the coffee machine would be great as long as it is somehow tied to your niche like you said.
You know... Hinting to people what they could do with the money they make from this business.
Your idea is fabulous and if you hadn't given the first one a go, you wouldn't have known it would turn out to be this great.
So I did say go for it!
By the way, congratulations on your sales.

Thanks a lot for your feedback.

Yes I will probably write 1 post on coffee machine and how it helps me get up every morning and work on my business. The fact that it's $800 product - even if I sell 1 or 2 a month it would still be good just like e-bikes.

The more you see results the more it gets exciting. Online Marketing really works and WA is a great place to start learning and implementing everything.

Fantastic example! I’m not sure how competitive the ebike niche is but you could build on that really well! Thanks for sharing and congrats on your numbers!!

Hi Alexandra,

E-bike niche is somewhat competitive but there are many ways to tackle it.
Just like with Make Money Online Niche - if you start a blog talking about Affiliate Marketing, Making Money Online, Entrepreneurship - it will take very long time to get traffic.

But if you start a blog reviewing companies like Wealthy Affiliate, Legendary Marketer, Clickbank University, etc..- it's much easier to start getting rankings and get good quality traffic.

This is why for e-bike I wrote a review on the company: "Juiced Bikes Review" and not just on electric bike because that would be super competitive.

So same principle goes for any niche. The more authority our website has the easier it is to target broader/more competitive keywords.
WA teaches it right and I love it.

I know I love it too. Working so hard at the moment but am buzzing. 🙌🏻 Thanks again for the perspective.

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