I Am So In the Wrong Amazon Niche (LOL). Or Am I?

Last Update: March 31, 2020

Wow, it's been quite a while, since I've written a WA blog post. It feels a bit strange but even so, I just thought I'd share this experience.

Not too long ago, I started this Amazon niche website. While I've had Amazon sales before, this is my first foray into a full on Amazon affiliate website. Eventually I'll expand it to other affiliate programs as I go along.

To date, I have about 65 articles on it. Now I know that some individuals talk about the sweet spot being 100 articles, but this site isn’t there yet. In addition to which, the website started making money consistently with about 44 articles on it.

I work on it, but not consistently enough. The articles are not all reviews but the majority is a mixture of reviews and best of posts.

Amazon Commission Rate Change

When I bought the domain name, Amazon's commission rate was higher in the product category. However, Amazon’s commission structure changed before I actually started working on the website. While the product category was not initially in the 10% category, the rate fell even lower with the commission structure change. However, I went ahead with the site anyway.

Hey, maybe Amazon’s commission rate might change again. Who knows? But in the meantime, I am enjoying the Amazon sales.

What is even more interesting is that the item that is being bought consistently via the website is not even what the website is all about, (LOL). Rather, it’s an accessory we can all benefit from but it does not carry any large amount of traffic. Sometimes people buy three or four of this particular item. So imagine if the commission rate was higher; at least 8%. That would be so cool!

But hey, I am not complaining. After all, a sale is a sale.

The thing is, regardless of the low commissions, the website is making money from organic traffic only. It’s a small amount of organic traffic, but that’s okay.

Content Creation Strategy

My plan was to target keywords with very little or low competition. Sometimes that’s not any great amount of traffic but the articles rank faster. So while those articles are ranking, I target other keywords with a bit more traffic. The strategy seems to be working thus far. So now it’s just a matter of creating more content.

I think the coronavirus may have impacted the traffic a bit, but that’s to be expected. In addition to which, the niche is not that popular but it’s growing. So it would be interesting to see what happens in the long-run.

Wrong Amazon Niche or Not?

Now I stepped out of my comfort zone with this particular website but it’s been a good learning experience. Of course had I been more consistent in creating content, the website would be making more money. But overall, I can’t complain. I am looking forward to getting that Amazon check!

So did I choose the wrong Amazon niche? Well, in terms of the commission rate, yes, as the higher the commission, quicker the money is made. But it's been a great learning experience and as the niche becomes more popular, it would be interesting to see what happens.

Clearly I went against the grain with this particular website but I am okay with choosing that option. But what this also demonstrates is that you don't always have to go with what you know in terms of a website. Well, doing that makes it easy. But sometimes stepping out of your comfort zone can be equally rewarding.

So be encouraged and keep putting your best foot forward. Write on! LOL.

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