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Wow, it's been quite a while, since I've written a WA blog post. It feels a bit strange but even so, I just thought I'd share this experience. Not too long ago, I started this Amazon niche website. While I've had Amazon sales before, this is my first foray into a full on Amazon affiliate website. Eventually I'll expand it to other affiliate programs as I go along. To date, I have about 65 articles on it. Now I know that some individuals talk about the sweet spot being 100 articles, but this sit
It's been a while since I blogged on WA, so I think this is long overdue. I like the idea of posting stuff that could encourage or motivate so I thought I'd share this particular experience. It happened last year but it's relevant. So I signed up for this particular affiliate program and I wrote a review on one of the products. I didn’t consider the article my best work but turns out that when I checked Google Analytics, the article was doing surprisingly well. I haven’t checked Goo
Making money with a free website? Go figure! Well, it happened to me. There are numerous blogs on here that encourages the utilization of the free websites available here at Wealthy Affiliate, to make money online. But I think I'm still in a little bit of shock that it actually happened. I've used free websites before but just to experiment with the themes and such and I'd just delete them after. But one Saturday morning an idea for new site popped into my head. I thought the idea was an intere
Hey folks, it's been a while since I've dropped a line here. But this one has been in the back of my mind for a while. I know the topic of site comments vs feedback has been addressed on a few occasions. But it seems that some people are still having some difficulty with understanding the difference. It’s often frustrating for some of us when we submit a post for a comment and we get feedback. For that very reason I stopped using the site comment platform for a while. I just couldn&rsquo
Hi FolksIf you haven't been using the New Site Content Platform, then you're missing out! But I just wanted to give you a heads up when using the spell checker. When correcting simple words like "to" and "the", you have to pay attention. For example, I had "the the" as opposed to "to the" and the spell checker picked it up. Which was great. But what I didn't realize was that when I accepted the suggested correction to change the "the" to "to" it changed every single "the" to "to" in the post. I
It's been quite a while since I've written a WA blog but I wanted to do this one. Since Kyle did that post on Page Speed, I've been a little, just a little, obsessed with trying to improve the speed of my site. When I did the speed test initially I think it was 67 and eighty something respectively. I wasn't crazy about the 67 because that represented the mobile speed.Today and only today, I completed watching the SSL training video and activated it on my site. Yesterday Carson did a blog on Sit
Just a reminder, and in case you did not know, October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Kudos to those of you or the people that you know, who have beaten this beast of burden. I know that we are all rooting for Carson, that Kai would have an absolute and full recovery from his own battle. Clearly cancer does not discriminate, since it hits just about anyone.I have experienced a member of my family having, so I have a little insight of what it can be like. It's often a scary thing for most peo
What can happen when the dream you're after seems impossible to achieve? You try anyway, because that's the only way you'll know you can actually achieve it. The failure is in not trying at all.So what brought this on? The recently concluded 2015 US Open Tennis Championships.Like many others, I was hoping that Serena Williams (World No.1) would have made it to the finals and make history, but that was not to be. Instead, two unlikely players found themselves in the finals.Two Italian players wh
As a follow up to my last blog on Giving and Receiving Comments, I just thought I’d share this amazing little discovery, okay well I think it’s amazing. Most of us if not all of us would love to have comments on our websites like the ones that are this particular site.I could not even remember what I was searching for, but this guy’s site popped up on Google’s first page. In all honesty, I can’t remember if it was in first place or third place, but I clicked on it. What a discovery! Th
Okay, most of us have learned that comments are important to our websites, as it can help with the rankings etc. One of the things that Kyle specifically states in the Give and take comment thread is that “comments must be relevant to the context of your article.” I think that most of us might think that that is obvious, but that’s not the case. So you may have to exercise some patience when you drop your latest post for a comment and you get something that’s a bit inappropriate; you kn