If you have a website, do this NOW!

Last Update: February 14, 2021

So, I was going through an old website listed and hosted here in WA before 2016. I do not work on the website anymore and do not really make any more from it.

But I did learn a precious lesson.

I noticed that my site was hacked and that strangers have full administrative rights to my site. I could not even log into it. I immediately contacted the support here at WA.

"Just a quick note about the support here at WA. They know how to get the job done, and the support is incredible. All I can say is that if you have a site here in WA is that it will be in good hands."

Now, back to the story.

After just 30 minutes of biting my nails, the support replied to my ticket and responded to my issue. They informed me that my website was not hacked but that I gave strangers administrative rights through membership located in the settings area.

It means that people can go into your site, add content, delete content, and do just what the hell they want. They can even delete your administrative rights to prevent you from logging into your own website.

Below is a screenshot:

I then went through all of my sites to ensure that this combination of settings was not selected. It looks like all websites have this function.

If you have a website, then PLEASE go into your admin area and change these settings. Some people can be a##holes and do not care if they want to destroy your life.

I hope this post can reveal to you all that it does not matter if you are an experienced marketer that disaster is just around the corner.

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Kav Premium
Thanks for sharing.
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Thanks for the important heads up, Viljoen!
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Thank you for the insight will be more vigilenot.