Just finished course 1 finally!

Last Update: March 01, 2017

Hi WA Community

Just a quick note to thank Kyle, Carson and everyone here at WA who have helped me with my silly questions and enquiries as I have shovelled my way through Course 1. I have achieved far, FAR more than I did last time I was a member, not least finding a niche that I have decided to stick with for more than a few hours!

Also.. I have created a website!!! I mean.. how?! This is me! I can't do that sort of thing?! Clearly though I can and it is all thanks to you all here! What an AMAZING place this is!

Here's to course 2! Believe me if I can do this we ALL can!

all the best


P.S. Whoops I've accidentally liked my own post haha!!

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Louise2812 Premium
Well done Paul! That sense of achievement is great isn't it! It's very satisfying to see your efforts gradually transforming into something vaguely professional looking. Keep at it and good luck!
vaipae2002 Premium
It certainly is, and I've just registered a domain! I really hope this works out for me. Good luck in your efforts as well and I've followed you!