Kung Fu level of excellence

Last Update: July 31, 2017

So yesterday I rewarded myself for all the hard work over the weekend creating new products for a group initiative I am working on with some episodes of Marco Polo Season 1. Little did I know that I would be paid back with some profound lessons.

One Hundred Eyes

The blind kung fu master One Hundred Eyes asks Marco during a training session what he will describe Kung Fu as when he is back in the West. Without waiting for an answer he then defines it as he delivered blow after blow at the inexperienced student.

Kung Fu means, "supreme skill from hard work." as opposed to the commonly presumed idea of fighting skill based on mainly imitating animal behaviours.

Online Kung Fu

It really got me introspecting. Have I reached my Kung Fu in the things that I am doing?

Am I learning all I can about my niche? Am I educating myself in the matters of online marketing. have gone through all the training available here at WA and have I mastered them to the extent of being second nature to me.

Have I researched my market, understood the demographic, learned their habits and preferences, understood their problems and the solutions that are good for them? Have I married this to the solution I am offering, covered it in the blogs that I write, and address it in the replies to the comments on my website.

Am I really working hard, repeating the working formulae, till your last keyboard stroke?

I know I still have work to do.

How about you? Have you reached your Kung Fu in your online business yet?

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abdul11 Premium
good for you good luck
bigrog44 Premium
If you want to have a level of excellence in anything you have to work hard.
accad Premium
Good to hear that, it's an inspiration.
GlenPalo Premium
Still mastering the skill set. :)
RHBarlow Premium
Great job, I am still working on mine.