Claimer versus Disclaimer

Last Update: September 26, 2017

Today I happened to scroll to the bottom of a web page and read the privacy policy or disclaimer and it reads as below. Apologies had to use an image so that it's not duplicate content, assuming that's the right thing to do

You got to love this guy's confidence. He is a successful entrepreneur who gives how to entrepreneurship content for free. I mean he gives the most practical advise from the first sentence each video, no marketing hype before or after.

I can say so with confidence as I have seen immediate improvements in my business almost every time I implemented the how to advise I thought was appropriate for my business.

There are other internet marketers who have been criticizing him with varied levels of frustration, anger and threats because he is taking away their business by offering free content that they charge for.

So I subscribed to his channel and regularly watch his videos, which I also share and refer others to frequently.

I just like this guys confidence. He acknowledges that he earns commissions from affiliate referrals and says If you do not like it then expend your own effort to look for the same thing as opposed to using his links. I found that radically interesting and decided to call it a claimer as opposed to the usual disclaimer.

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laparra1 Premium
Good Morning Tyrell,

I like this, nice and straightforward.
Good post.

Greetings from the south of Spain, Taetske
tyrellch Premium
Thank you Taetske. Greetings from the South of Africa
DoubleTap Premium
Who is this guy... sounds like a great person to follow around a little bit!!!
tyrellch Premium
I did not mention because I wouldn't want to violate the WA rule of not promoting other businesses on this platform. I will send you a PM
DoubleTap Premium
Totally understand... thankin' ya' Tyrell!