Amazon launches innovative storage patents

Last Update: July 21, 2017

Vertical Drone Garage

In preparation for the drone delivery of goods, Amazon is planning to build multi-level fulfilment centre specifically for this. The warehouses will be built like bird cages, built upwards rather than the traditional warehouse building which go sideways. This enables the warehouses to exist in already built up and populated areas without needing additional ground real estate.

Underwater Warehouse

Finally the name Amazon is coming to life as they go to the rivers.

The underwater warehouse concept stores goods in waterproof containers underwater with remote triggered balloons for surface delivery when required. It is a little hard to fathom how simple and effective this will be as some challenges like leak proof packaging will need to be tackled.

This idea is still in the patent stage.

However, some of these unimaginable ideas is where some cool side effect developments come to fore and revolutionize some supply chain products like leak proof material, underwater warehouse construction and the necessary remote management functionality.

Who knows, something cool for your pool will come out these crazy ideas. You could soon have underwater storage businesses emerging as supplementary services at public swimming pool in winter seasons.

Innovation rules the day

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Kav Premium
Interesting concept.
AlexEvans Premium Plus
Nothing like innovation for creating those new products
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The ideas keep coming faster and faster
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An updated take on homing pigeons!
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Indeed Michael.
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Thanks for sharing.