Working Diligently not Hard.

Last Update: September 05, 2017

Greeting of Goodness to all. I have been diligently working on my book and have not allowed anything except sleep to stop me. My dedication to finishing this project has interrupted my lessons, etc here at WA. Because of my determination to finish before the new year, I have accomplished 90% of my goal. The 10% will undoubtedly be accomplished before the coming year.

This post is not only an update of my happenings, but also a boost for anyone who feels like giving in or giving this training the "heave ho". Don't do it! It is best if you figure out what it is you want to accomplish with a blog, website, etc. Write that down. Do some deep thinking about your desires, hopes, and dreams. Yes put it all down on paper. Label each section and keep a daily to do list that is related to your goals, etc. Believe and you shall achieve remember that?

Something else, a few years ago, I did not know what a "blog" was. The word did not resonate with me at all. I found a good explanation for it and just went along with the flow of it. Now, a few years later, I am doing it also. Simply amazing. I just needed to go along with the flow and think about it and I did. I am blogging on Face Book also. It is just amazing what can be done when you just let go of the fear and just do it. I am very pleased with my progress on my book and I hope to do the same here at WA. In fact, I know I will. Nothing like having confidence in self. Plus, prayers help immensely. Well this is my blog rant, I hope it is a help to all who read it.

Good Day to all.


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Rich908 Premium
Keep going

canoz Premium
I didn't hear a rant Viola... just a whole lot of encouragement and new motivation to me. I am asking myself why I am hung up on ranking which sidesteps my time from actually going forward. Love that you've prioritized something so important and I aim to do that too!! Congrats on the book!!!
Twinsmother Premium
Thanks Canoz for the kind words. I must say the road to success is not hard just tedious, and enriching along the way when you can see accomplishments becoming real. My dream of finishing a book turned into 3 books. One subject with 3 titles. Ex: fasting. q & A's, recipes, actual fasting, etc., in 24 hours. How's that for success? I am currently working on an encouraging statement for anyone who would like to create a 20 page PDF on "how to". I hope to post it before the end of this month. Well, back to work, talk at you soon.
AlexEvans Premium
Hi Viola great blog and some very good insights, so true we can all come to writing and after time we can become very good friends with it, thank you.
Twinsmother Premium
Great Alex, thanks for the kind words. And you are welcome, glad I could be of help. Enjoy your day.