2.5 - Digital Product Creation Secrets - The Tools and Resources I Use

Last Update: February 04, 2020

The Tools and Resources I Use

1. The Story Formula - https://my.wealthyaffiliate.com/tutorman/blog/1-1-business-strategy-secrets-the-golden-circle-and-your-story

2. Copy Writing and Sales Letters
- Magnetic Sales Blueprint

- Lead Magnet Template
- Copywriting Software:
Scriptdoll; Funnel Scripts; (The Secret One)

3. The Video Recording Hardware I Use:
- iPhone; Tripod (+ Phone Bracket); Selfie Stick; Noise Reduction Microphone; LED Lighting; Laptop Sony Vaio.

4. Expert Interview Questions

5. Video Recording & Editing Software: Camtasia Studio
Add link here:

6. Graphic Design:
a) Graphic Design Software that you use to do it yourself.
b) $20 Banners
c) Fiverr
d) Upwork
e) Ecover maker.

7. Ebook Creation Tools:
Open Office
Amazon Kindle

8. Tutorman Blueprint (Coming Soon to WA)

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