2.2 - Digital Product Creation Secrets - How to Create Hot Selling Digital Products Quickly and Easi

Last Update: February 01, 2020
2.2 - Digital Product Creation Secrets - How to Create Hot Selling Digital Products Quickly and Easily!

2.2.1. Case Study 1 - How to Make a Hot-Selling Video and Ebook in Just 22 Minutes.

"How To Make a Video and E-Book In Just 22 minutes'
I used the expert interview questions.
1. Book a time for an interview.

2. Filming Tips:

a) Ask a friend to film it. Keep the "subjects" in the view finder. Use a
tripod, and don't breathe into the microphone.
b) Use your iPhone or digital camcorder.
c) Hold the interview in a quiet place.
d) Use an Interview Script.
3. Make a Report .pdf from the Video
Go to Upwork to hire a transcriber, to turn the video into a word document .docx file.
The going rate for transcription is $60; $100+ per 60 minutes of video or audio.
But, it's possible to hire someone for $30 if they are new and seeking to improve their
reputation on Upwork.
4. Transcriber Advertisement:
'Transcribe a Video or Audio.mp3 file into text'.
Length of this Video is 38 minutes.
Language is English with 2 Australian speakers.
The interview covers Internet Marketing topics and terminology.
99% Accuracy expected!
This is an interview of a famous internet marketing guru on the topic of Becoming a Best Seller.
5. Find some native English speaking transcribers.
I ask them if they can do the job for $30 and they agree.
Pay with the payment methods inside Upwork.
6. Outsource the Ebook Cover Creation
or Create it Yourself
(See 2.5 Product Creation Secrets - Digital Product Creation Tools and Resources).
7. Create .pdf file using Freepdfconvert or use Open Office.

2.2.2 Case Study 2 - How to Make a Video and Ebook from a Google Hangout.

1. I needed to find an expert who was a best selling author, so I chose my teacher.
2. I sent him an email
explaining my request idea.
Dear Mentor,
"Last Sunday morning I got the idea to make my product an ebook on the niche
Amazon Kindle Publishing; first time writers; writing tips; publishing a book on Kindle
and 'how to become a best selling author'
The topic would be "how you became a best-selling author.
What do you say?
*He accepted.

3. I asked him what time would suit him and we made the appointment.

4. The interview took place at 10:00 am and we used an interview script.
Gold Nuggets from the Interview:
He made a stunt to sell his book and he sold the first copy of his book about internet marketing, sold at auction for $8105.00. He delivered the book in person and spent the whole day coaching his customer on internet marketing.
- He told the story of his #1 Traffic method which is the affiliate army!
6. I made a transcription of the interview too.

2.2.3. Expert Interview Questions

________, it's nice to have the opportunity to interview you today and to ask you
a few important questions.

May I record this and use the contents in a future product?

Q1. Can you tell me something about you, your background and how you got involved in
[internet marketing]
2. What's awesome about [making moolah online]?
3. How long does it take to really become proficient at [internet marketing]?
4. What are the top 3 things that someone should know in order to be successful in
[internet marketing]
5. What's the best way for a new [marketer] to get started?
6. What proven methods can you recommend for a new [marketer]?
7. Do you have a product or formula that is simple and made easy for a new [marketer]
to use and start [making money quickly or even today]?
8. If you had one ninja secret to share about [internet marketing], what would it be?
9. Wasting time and making too many mistakes had been a big problem for me.
In your opinion, what is the biggest problem that people face and what is the best solution for this problem?
10. You are very successful and i'm sure the listener would like to know, what is the secret to your success?
11. What can someone do to keep up with all the changes in [internet marketing]?
12. In your opinion what is the best [opportunity on the internet today]?
_________, thank you so much for your time!

To Your Success,


'Helping People to Help Themselves and Freeing the World!'

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