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3.2 - Marketing System Secrets - Build Your Product Launch Funnel Quickly and EasilyThe steps to building your product launch funnel are clear.Step 1 - Keyword Research with Keyword Research Tools; Jaaxy.Step 2 - Buy Domains for Your Site, That Match the Best Buyer Keyword.Step 3 - Choose the Ecosystem for Your Product Launch Funnel, E.g. - Wealthy Affiliate.Step 4 - Build Your Pages. a. Optin Page, this can be something that the visitor will land on or, will popup after a certain time; or an e
3.1 - Marketing System Secrets - Sales CopywritingThere is a great need for good quality content and advice:When my son was wearing diapers I wanted him toilet trained, because it was expensive and time consuming to always clean him and put diapers on him. So I bought a book on 'potty training' on Clickbank for 27 dollars. Within 1 week my son was toilet trained and I was saving $30 per week on diapers. Within 1 week the book had paid for itself! My problems were solved by an author and she mak
The Tools and Resources I Use1. The Story Formula - Copy Writing and Sales Letters - Magnetic Sales Blueprint Lead Magnet Template Copywriting Software: Scriptdoll; Funnel Scripts; (The
2.4 Digital Product Creation Secrets - How to Record Edit and Produce a Video with Camtasia StudioStep 1 - Record the Screen with Camtasia Recorder. (Capture wihout audio because we will add that with narration later after we have cut and edited the screen capture video.)Step 2 - Import the Screen Recording from Media Bin to Timeline. Step 3 - Add Content including: Videos; Images; Audio; Narrations; Backing Audio Tracks; Step 4 - Edit (Cut) ContentStep 5 - Add Special Effects Like: Transition
2.3 Digital Product Creation Secrets - How to Create Your Video Value SeriesQ1: What is your video value series about?A1: Your ideal customer's biggest pain points! In my example it is the challenges faced by entrepreneurs who have a business online! Q2: What are your ideal customer's biggest pain points or challenges?A2: In the Digital Marketing niche the biggest pain points are the topics listed in this image:Q3: How will you solve your ideal customers biggest pain points? A3: This is what I
2.2 - Digital Product Creation Secrets - How to Create Hot Selling Digital Products Quickly and Easily!2.2.1. Case Study 1 - How to Make a Hot-Selling Video and Ebook in Just 22 Minutes."How To Make a Video and E-Book In Just 22 minutes'I used the expert interview questions.1. Book a time for an interview.2. Filming Tips: a) Ask a friend to film it. Keep the "subjects" in the view finder. Use atripod, and don't breathe into the microphone.b) Use your iPhone or digital camcorder.c) Hold the inte
2.1 - Product Creation Secrets - Ideation and Keyword ResearchIDEATION - WHAT IS YOUR PRODUCT IDEA ?Step 1. How to find a hot product idea?This should be a topic you at least have an interest in! My interest is health and fitness including eating healthy. The keyword i will search is 'diet'. Usually people search for a niche that has pain points and can solve people's problems, like lose weight; lose fat fast etc.So, ask yourself the questions: Does your product idea solve a problem or need? an
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1.5 Business Strategy Secrets - Who is Your Avatar or Ideal Customer1. Where does your avatar live?Example: They live in this group on facebook.Example: They attend digital marketing seminars. 2. Where do they research?Example: They read books from Amazon on digital marketing.They go to Youtube to learn.They search on Google for 'make money online'3. What challenges do your taregt customer's have?Example: Attracting fast traffic at low cost of their target customer; building websites and sales
1.4 Business Strategy Secrets - Lead Magnet TemplateThe product I'm promoting is: 'Tutorman Blueprint - The 5 Steps to Start and Grow a Business Online'3 Top Benefits are: 1. You have a mentor (me) who you can call at anytime to help you overcome any challenges during your business building online!2. You have a proven program that is step by step!3. You can focus because you have a step by step program and a mentor to help you every day! My perfect customer is someone who is struggling to pa
Business Building Secrets - The 8 Step Plan Step 1 - Goals and Dreams?What’s Your 2020 Goal and Dream?Write it down on a 5x3 Card and read it in the morning when you wake up and in the evening before bed.Method: speaking to yourself in present tense; imagine you had already achieved your goal andHere's the example:"I have in my possession the blue vase""I have sponsored 5 personal members and I have in my group 15 new members on this daythe X of X." See Example post 'My Blue Vase Story' f