Feedback and the Credit System

Last Update: January 01, 2017

I have today been reviewing other members websites.

Being a relative newbie here on the site, I initially felt that this was something that I would not be qualified for, experienced enough to do, but it is a very helpful experience.

It encourages you to look at the sites, even if you have no knowledge of the subject - can you then gain some knowledge from the content to work out the direction and being for the site? What about the visuals, how easy is it to navigate?

You then have to work out how to convey your thoughts in a constructive manner. I know that this has been written about many times over, but just to leave comments like 'nice site' or 'needs work' really don't seem to be enough to earn the reviewer a credit in my opinion.

It's also then encouraged me to see my own site with different eyes, almost like taking a step back and having an impartial view on my creation, which is very beneficial.

I requested feedback on my own site, the comments received were very helpful and I thanked the person, explaining the nature of some of the queries raised - strangely enough this earned me a credit!

I would thoroughly encourage members to review and comment via the feedback system, or, with permission, via a PM, to help everyone grow.

Thanks for reading.

Kaz :-)

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onmyownterms Premium
I agree that the Site Feedback / Site Comment system is a valuable and underutilized tool here. Many people use the threads, but I prefer using the system.