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November 26, 2017
For various reasons, like many, I have had a sabbatical from WA and promoting my website, think perhaps I chose the wrong niche, whilst knowledgeable, it is a very narrow, specific subject which if you don't understand it attracts criticism.Time to to some thinking and try another site, another niche to celebrate my 1st anniversary with WA - here's to progress in 2018.(Just wish the 9-5 wasn't so mentally draining, leaving me with no resources for this!)
April 05, 2017
I have been following the Certification course and have reached Course 3, Lesson4/5.My niche is related to photography, so I have been looking at affiliate programmes relating to this.I use Olympus cameras so I have found they have an affiliate programme, which I applied for.There was no response, so I figured that I was unsuccessful in my application, perceiving that they set a high benchmark for their affiliates.I was pleasantly surprised today to have received an email approving my applicati
February 21, 2017
Finally, after what seems to be an eternity, I've created my post for Course 3 Lesson 1 but it's made me think about my choice in niche and overall capacity to do this and work the corporate 9-5.My niche is the Lensbaby Optic Swap System with an Olympus E400 camera.2 problems here really, the Lensbaby system is quite specific and a very particular choice in photography, not everyone appreciates the uniqueness of the lenses and secondly, my E400 is an obsolete camera, therefore very difficult to
January 30, 2017
Well, here I am, 2 months later (give or take a day or so) reviewing my progress within WA and my online marketing business.Thanks to Feigner for the introduction to WA and for your help and support along the way. Phil (aka Feigner) has been a fantastic mentor, quietly encouraging me and helping me, thank you!There's a host of people within the WA community who have also been influential on my short but long journey - is it only 2 months? It feels like I've been here a lot longer, everyone ha
I have today been reviewing other members websites. Being a relative newbie here on the site, I initially felt that this was something that I would not be qualified for, experienced enough to do, but it is a very helpful experience. It encourages you to look at the sites, even if you have no knowledge of the subject - can you then gain some knowledge from the content to work out the direction and being for the site? What about the visuals, how easy is it to navigate?You then have to work out h
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Yay! What an exciting feeling when I logged into my WA account this morning and saw that I've been indexed by Google!Now to find out what page I'm on...Thanks to everyone for their help and support, in particular to Feigner for his help and mentoring and KerriM for the invaluable site feedback given.Happy days!
December 26, 2016
Level 1 completed, now moving on and Up to Level 2!
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Hi,I'm new to the WA Community, having signed up last Thursday for the Starter Membership - I like the look of the training and support on offer on here to today I've taken up the Black Friday Deal, opting for the Yearly Membership.My current job is not satisfying, so am looking at alternatives but not in a position to just quit the '9-5' just yet. I'm hopeful that WA will help me achieve my goal, which is to be able to quit the day job.I am looking forward to following the training and learni