2 Years Here, and Loving It!

Last Update: August 02, 2020

Celebrating Another Year at Wealthy Affilliate Today

Every single day of these two years has been worth it. So much have I learnt and continue to learn. Not just the technicalities involved in owning and running an online business, but also and perhaps more importantly, the right mentality and attitude to adapt as an online business person.

This post highlights my 1st year journey at WA.

My second year has been one of a different dimension. Learning has continued to a very high extent, but this year has been more of extending my 'online tentacles'.

During the past year, I took a number of steps that were really challenging. If you've read some of my previous posts, you would know that I joined WA with the aim of offering a particular kind of service online, and not to do affiliate marketing.

That was quite a challenge because the training here is not meant for what I intended to achieve. I therefore had to adapt a different approach than in Year 1, and I'm quite satisfied and glad how things are going presently.

My Online Service Provision Endeavor

As part of my new approach to the provision of service online over the last 12 months, I was successful in:

- starting a Facebook page for my service niche, with over 300 followers to date

- acquiring an add-on that allows me to create relevant forms and consequently offer the service on the website

- producing a comprehensive guide for my service niche which serves as a lead magnet for signups to my email marketing campaign on the site

In a past post, I mentioned a major challenge a website offering services encounters: that of TRUST.

When you attempt to provide a service online, initially, you are not known - which you have to work on. And then, when you begin to get known, there's the issue of prospective buyers asking themselves how good you are at the service you're proposing, which only time can solve.

I've since realized that, and have been building trust as we are taught in the training here.

Considering the abundance of scams on the internet, I came to realise that the service I wished to provide wouldn't sell in its original form. I therefore remodeled it to suit the needs of my online clients.

I'm now waitng for my peak season in a couple of months to test how the new version will do, while continuing to build trust with my audience by consistently providing information by means of my blog posts and prompt responses to their questions and concerns.

On the MMO Front

As an extension of my online business during the past year, I was able to:

- start a Bootcamp site based on the training here

- set up an automated email marketing campaign (based on advice from WA members succeeding in that line) - something I had no idea about at the start of 2020

- recently start an MMO Facebook page (encouraged by the success of the service Facebook page)

Affiliate Marketing and Other Opportunities

My online venture was actually prompted by an email from a personal finance bestseller whose list I joined a number of years ago, before knowing what this was all about. Being so involved with my service site and the training here, I actually stopped paying attention to his mails.

Recently however, I began to review them and what he's currently doing for me is revealing more and more ways of making money online: from online store creation to online trends during the lockdown, to production and marketing of a special kind of ebook, etc.

What I've been doing - for my part - is to 'connect' his teachings with concepts I'm learning from WA, and I can't overemphasize the effect it has. I'm beginning to envisage hybrid ways of making money online. This has enabled me to get engaged in affiliate markerting from another perspective: incoporating email and affiliate markerting.

All this began to happen earlier this year after I wrote a post about a milestone I had reached online.

Since then, I can't believe the extent of money making opportunities online. Ideas constantly run through my mind on how I can achieve all sorts of things online, based on the training and community here, as well as gold nuggets I pick up here and there. And that makes me superexcited everyday. The possibilities are so many that whenever I don't do my daily online duties, I actually feel very bad.

My Greatest Challenge

My greatest challenge remains insufficiency of time. My offline business and other responsibilities compete for my online business time.

I had began to gradually cut down on my offline duties and had a plan that would have increased my online work time to more than 100%. It would have been in force by this time.

Unfortunately, COVID-19 screwed it all up. But thank God normality is gradually returning to my part of the world, and I wish to reactivate that plan as things improve.

This is what my second year experience at WA has been.

If my first year could be considered as one of introduction to online business, the second was certainly one of implementation.

I remain extremely grateful to all who continue to provide insights, advice, guidance, and the like on my MMO journey.

A Piece of Advice

If you're a WA member who desires being more effective as it relates to making (more) money online, my advice to you is to regularly read appealing MMO-related posts by other members; and put into practice what you see making them succeed.

Such posts are gold mines. You will not get tons of gold from each one of them. But the more of those posts you read, the more nuggets you would collect to make you ultimately have a stockpile to succeed with.

Thank you for reading, and here's to a vibrant and more successful third year of mine at WA!

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megawinner Premium
Keep i up. You are on the right track. Florentino
Trodvies Premium
Indeed, I am. Thanks, Florentino.
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Shellback Premium
We must all keep our eyes, minds and ears open to new ideas.... especially in these rapidly changing times! Yesterday's successes...and failures, may serve as a foundation to previously unknown or uncapitalized opportunities as paradigms shift now in all directions.

Great post....thanks for sharing!
Trodvies Premium
You are quite right, Billy. A key component of one's journey to success is the ability to adapt - to whatever life presents. Thank you for the comment.
Palatia Premium Plus
I like the way you think. Great job finding a way to make things work for you.

Trodvies Premium
Thank you for the kind words, Paula. Much appeciated!
LMH1968 Premium Plus
Congratulations keep up the great work my friend 🤩
Trodvies Premium
Thanks a million, Lisa. How are you doing in your new role?
LMH1968 Premium Plus
You are very welcome, I’m doing great thank you very much for asking 🤩
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Trodvies Premium
Thanks, Johane. I appreciate it.
JohaneG Premium
You are welcome, Trodvies.