Google Plus and YOU

Last Update: September 29, 2016

So as I am working at something other than my illustrious WA work, I get notifications about people now following me and +1 ing my posts on G+. And since there are so many of us, the point of returning the favor gets a bit tough and can get away from you.

I want to apologize for anyone who has followed and/or +1d me on something and I have not returned the favor yet. Remind me and I will be glad to get on top of that at my next opportunity.

With that being said, I think I have found an answer to that conundrum and would like to share.

You can create a WA circle!! Thant way you can keep up with all our awesome WA friends in one place and show our gratitude to each other.

We all know how powerful gratitude is, right?

So if you would like a tutorial on how to create your own WA circle on Google plus, just click on People, Following, then down at the bottom you will see "New Circle". click on that.

The tough part is actually getting the right people into that circle to start with, but after that it is easy.

You are very welcome.


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Dinh Premium
I have circle for wa as well
And I also divide those up to those that I need to +1 or share.
Boothe Premium
I have a WA circle on G+. Lol for all the people who add me whom I have no idea about yet I know they come from WA. :)
onmyownterms Premium
Thanks for a great reminder.