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September 29, 2016
So as I am working at something other than my illustrious WA work, I get notifications about people now following me and +1 ing my posts on G+. And since there are so many of us, the point of returning the favor gets a bit tough and can get away from you. I want to apologize for anyone who has followed and/or +1d me on something and I have not returned the favor yet. Remind me and I will be glad to get on top of that at my next opportunity.With that being said, I think I have found an answer to
September 24, 2016
So first of all I would like to say that I am really enjoying the wealthy affiliate experience. I have earned a lot about how to get recognized out there on the web and I have been on the web with other websites for a good while now. But when it comes to SEO and all the things you need to do, I knew I needed help. That is where WA came in and I am glad I found WA.My day job(freelance Event technology) is a bit complicated but suffice to say that when I work it is a bit intensive and time consum
August 30, 2016
So as I have just graced the Illustrious WA with my presence(LOL), I figured I could give ones who were interested a little bit of background on myself.Although I have had a blog since before Dreamweaver and wordpress, I didn't really start doing anything serious and much value until 6/14 when i decided I would do a lot less TV watching and a lot more improving of myself. The blog is started meditating at around that time and learning of the Universe and life and the b