Why Having a Face for Your Profile is so Important

Last Update: August 05, 2020

When I first joined Wealthy Affiliate (WA) back in 2016, I have to admit, I was highly suspicious that this would turn out to be yet, another pipe dream. Thankfully, that was not the case.

At first, I used a hummingbird image supplied by WA as my profile image, eventually moving to using a cartoon depiction. It wasn’t until I truly felt comfortable that WA was an honest to goodness learning platform that I finally decide to show my face.

It wasn’t long after that when I started to feel comfortable enough to start creating training as a way of sharing my knowledge with other members. You know… as my way of paying it forward.

That is when I FINALLY realized the importance of having a REAL face displayed as my profile image.

Seriously, who would even think to trust anything I published if I continued to prefer to remain anonymous, right; Isn’t that how you feel?

Turns out that’s how I feel… though I was not fully aware of my immediate reaction until I started seeing other members sharing helpful training here who have preferred to remain hidden.

For those of us who have great information to share with other members, we really shouldn’t want to remain hidden.

As a member, unless you choose to keep your training only available to premium members, well… the training AND blogged tips that you share here eventually end up out there for the whole world to access, as this information will start to appear in search engine search results pages.

And… that’s when the REAL value of having your face used as your profile image can help YOU.

When total strangers need help and Google search for that help… and then VOILA! …your training and/or blogged tip shared on the WA platform appears so tantalizing in their search results that they click on it, read it, try your suggestion, and it works that they actually may feel a “connection” with the publisher of that training… YOU!

That is when you truly will WANT to have your real face displayed as your profile image. That could make the difference as to whether they come back and sign up as a Starter member… or simply walk away, having resolved their problem.

That’s what truly makes this platform so priceless. When we help each other, we could eventually end up helping total strangers… and then, POOF!... the magic starts to happen.

When someone is brought in to WA by your content, and they sign up as a Starter member, then they become YOUR referral. You don’t need to use an affiliate link for content that YOU publish on WA.

So… stop being so shy.

If you’re ready to write helpful posts and training, please… show us your face.

And now I’ll get off my soapbox.


PS: https://my.wealthyaffiliate.com/triblu/blog/why-do-click-on-...

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FrankB-1 Premium Plus
Ok Trish - as usual, you convinced me.

A photo from my more daper days when I was an internal medicine resident at Brown University Medical School.
Sooo long ago, I almost forgot how much fun I had back then :-)

I still like the image of the high-end sports car better :-))
Triblu Premium
You've made me giggle reading your comment Frank.
Thank YOU... oooh, I soooo needed that giggle.
Glad, like me... you can understand the necessity.

Heck, when I first went into publishing business, I was going to hide behind a pseudonym (a fictitious name, especially one used by an author), but then I learned from others that this was NOT a good idea. That I need to be a REAL person that potential subscribers could relate to.

And you know what? They were sooooo right! It's only been recently that I realized (daaah, on my part) how important it is for use to be REAL people online.

LOL... hey, I can be slow... but steady. ;-)
FrankB-1 Premium Plus
That's totally awesome that I brightened up your day! Maybe I'll upload the photo of me in a chicken suit someday.

Trish, thanks for all your on-going expert help and advice! :-)

Triblu Premium
You are such a sweet sweet person Frank.
You really DO brighten my day.
Thank YOU {{{HUGS!}}}
gnoose Premium
When I came to WA, I was reluctant to share a real pic, but I soon came to realize a few things. First, thanks to social media, my mug is probably all over the internet. Second is that while going thru the training, I started to look at sites from a different perspective and found that just being able to see the author lent that touch of credibility that I had previously missed.

Triblu Premium
So true Greg, and thank YOU for adding to the conversation. Much appreciated, seriously.
Tirolith Premium
If you have something to sell you must present yourself as I have when it comes to the internet.
No one will buy from a cartoon etc., which gives the impression of a scam having something to hide.
All big businesses spend a fortune to have a clean image.
Triblu Premium
Thank you for your input Tom.
lynnsam61 Premium
I totally agree. When people use an image other than their own as their profile it makes you wonder who's hiding behind it. Great post.

Triblu Premium
Thank YOU Erica.
hanley Premium Plus
I agree wholeheartedly, great post.
Peter H
Triblu Premium
Thank YOU Peter.