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Last Update: Nov 12, 2019

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I've recently had a pretty decent "eureka" moment in regards to the personal domain name I've gone for and wanted to share the excitement and the science behind the idea. To tie in with my initial niche idea of indoor home entertainment, interests, hobbies and pastimes, I opted for what I thought was great, Rainy Day Entertainment.

When I spoke of my progress with my Brother recently, he advised me "don’t make a rod for your back and design yourself into a corner" and gave me other suggestions like Every Day Entertainment and New Day Entertainment to think about. As he's a Creative Director and knows a lot about this area, his advice was noted, so when it came to a domain name, a brand that as Kyle states has to be "captivating and interesting" I re-thought things through.

Using the tools and methods that Kyle instructed in the videos I came to an interesting angle, one which unfortunately was taken already. Narrowing it down a little more I finally came to what I've registered, HI 2 Entertainment. The clever wording if you look closely is, H = Hobbies, I = Interests, 2 = to then Entertainment. But gets better because it's a welcoming and warm domain name, kind of expressing what's on offer - "hello to entertainment." Does that make sense? Obviously I'd really appreciate feedback on the science behind the wording here and if you feel it works or not? I'm pretty giddy about it myself.

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Love this post and creative thinking Stephen. It really sounds like you have a good handle of things and I like how you have broken down the process here. :)

Interesting idea, I like that you have put so much thought into it.

What an awesome domain name!!

Your enthusiasm will make it huge I'm sure and well done

Cheers Vicki for the comment. The penny just dropped when that idea came to light. Especially the "H" and "I" standing for two of the topics regards to my niche idea.

Sounds good to me :)

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