Even if you do actually try the products you review, it's still just an opinion! Look at Amazon reviews. How is it possible that people buying the same product can review it completely differently?

There is a lot of personal bias involved in reviewing stuff you own. Your (lack of) knowledge on the topic means you may unfairly review it positively or negatively. It could go in either direction!

Perhaps you got a dud, and 99% of other people love it. Perhaps you had low expectations, and don't really understand how this particular thing compares to the industry standard. The opinion of one buyer does not necessarily create an air tight argument to buy or not buy.

ALSO, you must realize that people are different, and may like different things than you. I would give creamy peanut butter a negative review, but for some reason, people keep buying it. Some even prefer it to crunchy! Crazy, I know.

So, there are a few things I hope you learned from this training.

  1. You can write awesome, helpful reviews, even as a newbie
  2. Growing your knowledge is part of your job as a website owner
  3. Good research goes a long way in this industry
  4. Owning something doesn't make you an authority on it
  5. Much of what you read online is opinion, not fact. Get an opinion and be comfortable with it.
  6. If you are uncomfortable recommending things, don't. Present the facts + your opinions, then let people make their own decisions.
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After publishing this training over a year ago, I just wanted to clarify one thing. Please do not rewrite people's content. Rewriting is plagiarism! It's very important that if you use other people's reviews or other websites for research, that you do not simply "mix up" their points and rewrite them on your site.

It's very important to provide your own insight and opinions in order to make a unique review.

As Bruce Lee once said:

"Absorb what is useful. Discard what is not. Add what is uniquely your own."

As you grow your site, you will start to gain more and more of your own opinions due to your growing based of knowledge. As you start to earn money from your site, I highly encourage you to actually buy and test products yourself, so that you can have original content and ideas that no other website has.

Buying and testing products also provides you with awesome opportunities to do videos for YouTube, have unique screenshots, and personal stories to tell which can engage your audience.

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klovato Premium
there is a lot to absorb, I find myself somewhat over helmed at times and revisiting previous lessons and tangent blogs and reading the messages from the discussion, it is a lot of info to download and process. However I am a great more knowledgeable than I was prior to joining WA. Thanx
CraigW315 Premium
This is wonderful. I will be referring to it often, as this has been an ongoing concern for me.I have avoided discussing or reviewing things that I don't have personal experience with for fear of coming across in a a fraudulent manner. Other members here have commented that it's fine to do so with some research, but I particularly like the way you have presented everything here.
NaomiT1 Premium
Thank you so much for your refreshing advice. In turn, thank goodness I have aquired the technical, research, writing, discussion board and forum skills through attending Colorado Technical University (CTU) earning an Associate's of Science in Health Administration Services (ASHAS). Therefore, joining Wealthy Affiliate is right up my alley, understands, and agrees there is a lot of fun work still ahead to learn and do as a newbie.
subra Premium
Very useful information. I have read this content several times. I can relate this to IT type products (hardware and software), or at least it is one space I think I can apply the advice.

For instance, use a trial (free) version if the trial version does not have too many restrictions.
Matstabler Premium
This is such great info, thanks!!! I'd love to know what other people's techniques of research are. I must admit I'm a bit higgledy-piggledy in mine. Need to be a bit more thorough. I have just done a review on an item I don't own, and on one that I do.