Lots of you are starting out in this zone. Many of you don't have hobbies, are not experts, and just want to find something to earn you money. Totally understandable - I was there at one time.

So pick something you are interested in, and commit to it. You'll have to do a lot of research, and write about the topic quite a bit, which is why it's important to pick something you like, or have potential to like.

But you do not have to give out advice, nor do you have to pretend to be an expert.

Write for people one step below you.

If you do just a tiny bit of research into a topic, you now know more than most people on the planet (the vast majority know nothing!). That means you can help those people. Not only that, but your viewpoint from a complete newbies experience has some advantages.

  1. You can break down complicated things into simple language
  2. You are viewing the topic through a similar perspective
  3. You can relate to your reader on a equal level
Choosing this method, I would make sure to cite your resources. It may scare you to link away from your site, worried that you may lose visitors, but you need some kind of validation that you aren't just making this stuff up. The benefit you gain of earning your visitors' trust far outweighs the benefit of keeping them on your site for a few more minutes.

*For outbound links, I do not link to competitors that are also promoting the products. I try to link to neutral sources like Wikipedia, news sites, etc.*

There's absolutely nothing wrong with having a website about something you are interested in and earning profit from ads. Embrace your newbie-ness! Be personal, and your "brand" will overshadow the fact that you don't have a PhD in your niche of choice :)

Some Good Ideas

  • Elicit comments from other newbies (ask things like, "What do you think?")
  • Participate in forums and social media, ask lots of questions
  • Track your progress on your blog
  • Do "expert roundups" or interview the experts

As you do more research and spend more time writing content for your site, your personal knowledge of the subject will grow. Now, instead of writing for folks with zero knowledge, you can now write for newbies with some experience. Your knowledge will snowball, and in some time, you could be an authority site on the topic.

Pro Tip: Remember - just by browsing the web and consolidating information in an easy to understand, user-friendly format, you are doing your readers a service! Lots of newbies feel guilty that they are not "experts" and there's no reason for someone to read their blog.

By finding hard to find info, breaking down difficult to understand info, or even just adding a new perspective on things, you can have a great site that gets traffic and makes money.

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amexrn Premium
Hi Nathaniel,

Read this through Eddy's (w/a Y) link to your post. Great post indeed. I've learned so much, gave me also the confidence to write a review. I can't go on with my lesson at Bootcamp because I was having doubts if I will be credible enough to write a review but I guess with enough knowledge about a product it is possible.

Thank you very much. You are awesome.

Kind regards,
Arline :)
Kyoko817 Premium
Thank you for the great information on how to write the review. I am always struggling to do it as I feel I am not honest enough to write a review that I don't own. This instruction is really great that I will use it the next time I write the review!
klovato Premium
there is a lot to absorb, I find myself somewhat over helmed at times and revisiting previous lessons and tangent blogs and reading the messages from the discussion, it is a lot of info to download and process. However I am a great more knowledgeable than I was prior to joining WA. Thanx
CraigW315 Premium
This is wonderful. I will be referring to it often, as this has been an ongoing concern for me.I have avoided discussing or reviewing things that I don't have personal experience with for fear of coming across in a a fraudulent manner. Other members here have commented that it's fine to do so with some research, but I particularly like the way you have presented everything here.
NaomiT1 Premium
Thank you so much for your refreshing advice. In turn, thank goodness I have aquired the technical, research, writing, discussion board and forum skills through attending Colorado Technical University (CTU) earning an Associate's of Science in Health Administration Services (ASHAS). Therefore, joining Wealthy Affiliate is right up my alley, understands, and agrees there is a lot of fun work still ahead to learn and do as a newbie.