If you know something (or a lot) about a topic, your job is a bit easier. If you have experience with some of the products, even better!

You can write a lot of stuff off the cuff, and use existing knowledge to make inferences about products you haven't tried. Writing reviews of products you don't own may not always be from personal experience, but it's an educated opinion, and carries more weight than someone just starting out.

WHY someone should trust your opinion goes great in an About Me page. "I have X number of years experience in this industry" or "I've been X-ing for 5 years now..."

Being an expert in an area doesn't mean you actually need 100% irrefutable facts to back up your ideas. It's still just an opinion! Experts across all industries argue conflicting points. I'm sure you've heard something like, "There is not right and wrong, it's just who has the most support for his opinion."

I know a PhD in neuroscience that informed me about studies showing that drinking small amounts of alcohol during pregnancy does not affect the babies health. Talk about controversy! This is just an example to show that you don't have to be "right", you just need some facts to make a logical argument.

Some Good Ideas

  • Agree or Disagree with the experts (and why)
  • Use anecdotes & personal examples to explain your conclusions
  • Do your own case studies
  • Ask tough questions, then attempt to answer them
  • Dispel myths
  • Give opinions on new technologies/developments
  • Write opinion pieces on news from your niche

It's impossible to know everything about something, Keep digging for more knowledge. Also, knowing a lot about something won't guarantee you rank above guys that know less than you. Develop your voice and your brand by not being afraid to say what you think. Be a leader!

Pro Tip: Even if you have competition, you don't have to be the "best" or the "smartest" in your niche. Offering an alternative view with experience and research to back it up will likely bring some people out of the woodwork saying, "Hey man, right on!".

Worst case scenario is that a bunch of people comment on your site saying you're wrong. Hey, that's still traffic, it's still free content for your site, and you might learn something.

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amexrn Premium
Hi Nathaniel,

Read this through Eddy's (w/a Y) link to your post. Great post indeed. I've learned so much, gave me also the confidence to write a review. I can't go on with my lesson at Bootcamp because I was having doubts if I will be credible enough to write a review but I guess with enough knowledge about a product it is possible.

Thank you very much. You are awesome.

Kind regards,
Arline :)
Kyoko817 Premium
Thank you for the great information on how to write the review. I am always struggling to do it as I feel I am not honest enough to write a review that I don't own. This instruction is really great that I will use it the next time I write the review!
klovato Premium
there is a lot to absorb, I find myself somewhat over helmed at times and revisiting previous lessons and tangent blogs and reading the messages from the discussion, it is a lot of info to download and process. However I am a great more knowledgeable than I was prior to joining WA. Thanx
CraigW315 Premium
This is wonderful. I will be referring to it often, as this has been an ongoing concern for me.I have avoided discussing or reviewing things that I don't have personal experience with for fear of coming across in a a fraudulent manner. Other members here have commented that it's fine to do so with some research, but I particularly like the way you have presented everything here.
NaomiT1 Premium
Thank you so much for your refreshing advice. In turn, thank goodness I have aquired the technical, research, writing, discussion board and forum skills through attending Colorado Technical University (CTU) earning an Associate's of Science in Health Administration Services (ASHAS). Therefore, joining Wealthy Affiliate is right up my alley, understands, and agrees there is a lot of fun work still ahead to learn and do as a newbie.