Step 1: Create your PAGE framework

All websites should have a core group of pages that make up the framework of your site. In Wordpress, these are referred to as "Pages" and should not be confused with "Posts". We will get to the differences between pages and posts are a bit later in this short tutorial.

When you are first setting up your Wordpress website it's helpful to get right into creating a few pages so that you have the initial structure of the site ready to go.

Follow these steps:

By clicking on the "Pages" menu on the left of your Wordpress administration page, select "Add New".

With your wordpress installation there will most likely already be a "Home" page created, but if not you can create it along with the following pages.

  • Home
  • Blog
  • About Me
  • Contact
  • Privacy Policy
At this point you do not need to worry about the content for these pages as you are only focusing on setting up your website structure for now.

After creating the above pages your admin area will look like this:

Make sure that you "publish" your pages so they are "live" when you visit your website. It is OK to have your site visible to readers while you work on it. Also, in the next step you will learn how to setup your static home page and you need to have your "home" and "blog" pages published in order for this to work.

Next we will discuss setting up your website homepage to use a "Static Page".

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is it just me or is wordpress just difficult? i need help because of all the plugins, etc.whats wrong with wix?? i doesn't work??? have a lot of questions..
MozMary Premium
it seems overwhelming when you first look at the dashboard, one minute you are looking at a nice theme the next minute you are inside a dashboard wondering where did everything go! And one day you wake up and it all seems so easy...

so just start at lesson one and take it step by step, there are no plugins that you need right now, two come with the site - the akismet is no longer needed, the hosting created a new technology so we don't need anti-spam now, but Kyle is in the process of updating the lessons to reflect the new changes

your new theme will come with two plugins and for now that is all you need - you have all in one seo and ewwwoptimizer, the others mentioned aren't needed, the akismet and exclude pages from navigation

Next you will get onto the lesson about creating pages, notice now you don't have to create an about me or a privacy policy because with updates to the platform there is now a sitecontent feature in the siterubix menu [that big blue button on the left side of this page] and the templates are in there, you will simply put your own details in there when the time is right and publish them onto your site with the click of a button.

When you create new pages in your dashboard and if they don't appear then simply use the search bar at the top of any WA page and look for training on creating menus, some themes need us to do that to see our new pages

it is a little bit of a learning curve but then you will be flying it, and wordpress is better than wix
thank you so much.. i appreciate your help greatly. how long have you been on the site and how are you doing. the great part is the community. thanks again
drlumsden Premium
Dear GGuerrerp,
Good Day!
Good question.

Go to Google Search and check out the following:, or

Review WA dashboard

WIX, coming from Great Britain, has interesting free templates for one year. (not as many as WA-templates, free). WIX will cancel a website made with them for more than a year and your monthly fee is not paid. That can be frustrating, and getting back up and running may be an issue.
Be patient with Wordpress and WA.

virgo Premium
Thanks Carson, I'm so excited!!!
Carson Premium
I'm glad that you are excited! Internet marketing and online business is one of those thigngs that is very rewarding and fun :)
anand Premium
thanks carson nice and short tutorial
Carson Premium
If anyone has any questions about their wordpress website please do not hesitate to ask! I'll be more than happy to help out.
pisces314 Premium
Is there a tutorial that can walk me through installing wordpress on the site?
nooris Premium
Thanks Carson for this tutorial, appreciate it. Can you tell me which WP express theme allows you to have a static "home page" (which is not a blogroll as well)? I used twenty eleven and the home page (which I cant remove) is also in a blog pls.
Carson Premium
I have yet to come across a theme that didn't allow for a Static homepage, it's something that is build directly into Wordpress. Perhaps you could send me a private message with your website details so that I can log into your wordpress admin area and have a peek. You certainly should be able to choose a static homepage and not have your blog roll there by default. Visit my Space and click "Private Message".
nooris Premium
Maybe I didnt explain it correctly. Ok in any case will PM in due course..thanks!
ronamo Premium
This was a great tutorial especially step 2 General Site Settings (Static Homepage). I would recommend all who are staring out read this. It has helped me so much.
Thank You
Carson Premium
I'm glad the tutorial helped you, this is one of the most confusing parts of getting your website setup. Once know how to do this, it only takes a few minutes to get your website setup correctly each time you build one!