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I was born in New York City a long time ago. At least, it seems that way now. It was a time before refrigerators. It was a time when you had an ice box in your house to keep food cold. You bought ice from the ice wagon, and put it in a compartment on top of the ice box. Later, when I was a little older, we got a refrigerator. It sure was a lot different than today’s refrigerators.
It was about this time that we got out first automobile and the beginning of my love of cars. After school I was always at our local garage doing odd chores and learning whatever I could about cars.
When I was in high school, I got a job in a gas station, pumping gas, cleaning windshields, checking air pressure in tires and learning about cars. In time I became a mechanics helper and got a chance to work in a Dodge dealership in their training program. I got to go to many classes to learn how to rebuild the components on cars. We were taught how to rebuild transmissions, carburetors, alternators, power steering pumps and whatever else was rebuildable. I worked for that dealer ship for a few years, got married and moved to south Jersey. It had clean air and you could see the stars at night which was not the norm in NY. I went to work in a Chrysler new car agency and in nineteen eighty four, I opened my own repair shop which I operated until nineteen ninety seven, when I decided it was time for a change.
I drove limousines for a casino in Atlantic City for a while but wanted to see more of our country so I started transporting vehicles from NJ to Florida, the snow bird route, than other states. Two years ago I retired and just started taking life easy. I still love driving and being on the road but it’s so much nicer doing it for the enjoyment.
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Hi Ronamo, thanks for following me, welcome to WA and it's great to see you here. :)) Adrian
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Hi and thanks for the follow!
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Welcome Ronamo... enjoyed reading about you and the parts of your life mentioned above. I hope you find WA to be a new adventure for you. There is certainly a lot to learn here. Good luck and thanks for the follow.
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i don't go back as far as ice delivery but i do remember our first tv - my brothers and i used to watch the three stooges - there were only three channels - those were the days when kids used to go 'out' to play, lol - i also grew up next to a chrysler dealership - remember the old imperials?
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I owned a 1954 and a 1967. Loved them both.
I use to watch all the black and white silent carIoons on Saturdays on our black and white tv and then my friends and I would go to the movie house. For twenty five cents you got to watch three movies and zillions of cartoons.
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Hello to all. Just signed up so that makes me a newbie. That's it, got to go read and learn.