Pro Tip:

Facebook has strict guidelines about what licensed content can be uploaded. They will also block videos that include licensed music. YouTube has a much more difficult problem. However, licensed music can still be used in certain situations.

Vimeo is a third option if your video contains music you are licensed to use. It's a bad idea to upload your YouTube video to Facebook!

There is a constant battle between YouTube and Facebook. It's the war of the video. Statistics prove that, on average, not less than 92 percent of UK users visit YouTube once every month for 27 minutes.

YouTube has seen a significant shift in how people view video. It was a time when YouTube was the best place to find "You've Been Framed" and "Candid Camera" videos. This was the place to see cute videos of puppies or stories that touched the heart. But, all that has changed. These videos will be available, but they are more popular on Facebook.

Which Videos Are Most Successful on YouTube?

According to a recent survey, the most popular videos that people watch on YouTube were:

  • Music
  • A mix of software, household chores, and recipes, and more.
  • Review of products
  • Funny video content such as challenges, pranks, and jokes
  • Trailers and movies
  • Game cheats
  • Interviews
  • Advice

Here are some tips for Facebook video:

  • Every video should contain a call to action.
  • Captions should always be added to all videos. Facebook has a function that allows you to do this. You can make Facebook videos visible by adding captions. “” offers a simple and quick transcription service.
  • If you want your video to have a professional look, add a custom thumbnail.
  • Add links in your description.
  • Your video will be published at the best times. Check your insights to determine the best time for posting.
  • If you find the video relevant, share it to your groups and personal timeline. Copy the URL of the video by right-clicking and copying it.

Here are some tips to help you make YouTube videos:

  • Consistency is Key to your brand. For example, your channel art, logo, and custom thumbnails should all feel consistent.
  • Titles should be less than 80 characters. Front-loading keywords directly into the title is better than backloading.
  • To give your video a professional look, add a custom thumbnail.
  • In the description, always include a link to your site.
  • Try adding captions or subtitles to your videos. This feature can be activated within YouTube or added before uploading the file.
  • Be sparing with annotations. Annotations can be distracting and annoying.
  • Your video should have at least five tags/keywords. These words should appear in your description. The maximum number of keywords should be eight.
  • Share each video to as many platforms as possible.

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Christorv Premium Plus
First time since I got back from the break that I have being on Sir Israel's trainings. And what a good one it this - quite different from what I had thought.

I will be back to read this again 👍
Israel17 Premium
Wow, I noticed you've been away for some time, Christorv. You're very much welcome. Glad you found my video marketing tutorial helpful!

Israel Olatunji
Aussiemuso Premium
Awesome training Israel.
I learned so much, thanks.

Lily 😁🎶
Israel17 Premium
Thanks for stopping by, Lily! Glad it came in handy! You rock!

Israel Olatunji
richardgb Premium
An excellent resource, Israel. Thank you.
Israel17 Premium
Thanks for your amazing comment, Richard! Glad you found my video marketing training helpful!

Israel Olatunji
Feochadan Premium
This is very true. Facebook doesn’t want you to post YouTube links because it will take you out of Facebook and then Facebook loses you over to YouTube.

I’ve learned from other courses that it’s fine to upload a video directly to Facebook but never a YouTube link. Facebook likes you to upload videos directly to it and to share them widely as this keeps eyes on Facebook rather than losing them to YouTube.

What also boosts your standing on the Facebook algorithm is your engagement with it as a whole. Comment in different groups other than your own niche. NEVER just “Like” stuff as that is too neutral, use ANY of the other emoticons.

Start conversations on your own timeline just to create more engagement. The example I was shown on this was one marketer who took a picture of his supper (it was nothing special) and asked others what they were having. He got TONS of replies back. I’ve done similar.

For commenting in groups, to ensure I do this as much as possible, I created a group called Laughing Out Loud for funny pictures, videos and such and have joined several others from which I draw funny content from and share to my group. (NO marketing allowed). This way Facebook will give me extra points for when I post an article on my own timeline - it doesn’t get buried. Facebook WILL bury such stuff if you aren’t active on its platform.

Just some thoughts!

Israel17 Premium
Hey Feochadan, your thoughts are great, awesome, and deeply appreciated by me, rest assured. Starting a conversation, commenting in groups actively, and lots of others mentioned are all tangible points everyone should take note of, trust me. Thanks for your mighty contribution, my friend! You rock!!

Israel Olatunji
Feochadan Premium
Your training inspired me! Thank you, my friend!
Israel17 Premium
Oh, I'm so glad it's inspiring. You made my day! Thanks so dearly!

Yours sincerely,
Israel Olatunji
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Thank you for this!
Israel17 Premium
Thanks for stopping by, JerilynWin! Glad you enjoyed my YouTube video tutorial! Much appreciated!

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