In 2004, I stumbled into this thing called "Working from Home" coupled with "Internet Marketing." I hated going back and forth to do a job that provided me no satisfaction, a bunch of headaches and vast quantities of demoralizing agents, treated like a machine or a brute and "just" a dispensable employee. This new thing was just what I needed - a new hope to be able to one day, get away from this unfulfilled lifestyle! I was coming into contact with folks who, for the first time, was telling me that my not wanting to be employed was NOT a bad attitude.

The summer of 2004, up to the end of that year, it was a renaissance for me. I had new knowledge building, new hopes, aspirations, direction. It all seemed so fascinating and I was subscribing to just about anything I could get my hands on to learn about this. Late that year, I tried my hand at building my first web document on a web editor. The first thing I learned was these editors, even the WYSIWYG variety, were very hard to manage and absolutely did not do what I wanted it to do - until I figured out what I was doing -these editors were NOT word processors! Albeit, I came up with my first website (offline) an was so fascinated with the two pages linked together that,

  • The links on each page worked and I spent a lot of time just hitting the links repeatedly knowing I built this!
  • I was able to actually create graphical representations besides paint, pencil and pastels!

My First Attempt at Building a Web Page - 2004

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tomtitty006 Premium
e I am sorry Daniel but I just could not read 10 pages.You are my friend and I know that you have had it hard but 10 pages of anybody,s post would just bore me.My concentration skills are not what they used to be and I would just switch off.
Well Mark,

Just read one page per day. LOL! Now I can see the wisdom in the way you put out content. I realize there are two pages in there that are extremely long - however, I leave it to the readers to read thoroughly, skim or skip these two pages, or any that they wish.

Let's just say I made up for lost time. Anyway, Not here to see who can compete with the biggest autobiography. The whole thing culminates into why I joined Wealthy Affiliate and why I am here (at that point in time where it breaks off.) It was meant to be a story with real people and things. I realize not everybody likes that and that's okay.

Hey, Page ten was a given, so I had more like nine pages of long, boring text. I do appreciate you attempted to read the pages and I also appreciate your honesty.

My Resource isn't about hardship though I can see this might be true from your perspective. Now, there was a time when I wrote daily blogs on here - all about things that were happening to me. After awhile I got the message that writing daily ramblings about drama in my life is annoying and that WA is not a sounding board for those kind of things. It comes down to basic human nature, that I had to learn for myself - people don't care about someone else's drama. It 's just as true here as it is outside of here. Therefore I stopped doing it. It doesn't make for the most inspirational reading and is a colossal time-waster for both sides. I was told by a number of people, some public, some private, some kindly and others downright abrupt. I will talk about this practice later. I didn't stop there - further, removed 400+ blogs, leaving only the few that actually would help other members.

This is not a tutorial I know, but it leads up to what I'm about to say today, even though the venue isn't technically what it's for. It holds lessons for others. It was all about what made me want to join what I found to be the best of the best. In all good intent I joined, but my overall intent in being here has not borne witness with the intent I had when I first walked in the door, that at least, not in full.
tomtitty006 Premium
I hope that I did not offend you Daniel,that was not my intention at all.I was simply saying that my concentration spans are not great now aday,s but t is everybody,s given right to write what they wish.
No. You didn't offend me. Reading puts me to sleep sometimes and I wish that would have worked for me during the night, but even reading my lease wouldn't do that for me. That right is incontrovertible, but sometimes entitlement can get me into trouble. I found out several times that freedom of speech/press protects me by law, but not necessarily from myself.

This is a general statement and should be regarded as such. There are numerous mentionings about exercising the tongue (and pen) too much as I was doing (and am apt to,) in the Bible. However, such quotes are not allowed on here. So I must resort to any one of quite a number of secular ones, and so let's choose Plato. Now that's as secular as we can get right?

"Wise men speak because they have something to say, but fools speak because they have to say something."

I may have things to learn about being laconic, but I've learned the hard way that there are times to hold the tongue, and that being more than not. Anybody can be heard, and is a given right, but million-pound words come far and few.
Marcus1978 Premium
Interesting read. You've been at this even longer than I have. I was a member of Wealthy Affiliate back in 2009, but left later that year. You can read about here: I vaguely remember the ClickBank research tool, and I remember NicheQ and the 8 week plan. Somehow it never really worked out for me back then, but I'm determined to make it work this time round.
Hmmm. I thought I responded. I guess I didn't. That's some very good reading you have over there! Even in 2005, WA was growing very quickly. If you remember the Old Forum, people were joining almost every day from the very beginning. You could not find the value anyplace else that WA had to offer. It's still that way today.
ShirleyWoon Premium
Ataboy Daniel! That's the Spirit! I am so saving this. Part ll.....let it roll.
God's mighty blessings on you dear boy........
Thank you Shirley :) I told you it was coming, I was just a little late getting to it. I added a few screen-shots of my oldest web pages in the first few pages here.

It's not just the point of putting personal history up here - but more about WHY I originally came here.

Part II is going to tell a different story once I got inside and what happened during the last five years.
ShirleyWoon Premium
Can't wait! I just know blessings will abound here......
Thank you dear boy =0))
johnwnewman Premium
Interesting read Daniel! Glad you found WA and I am looking forward to reading part 2!
I struggle with personality disorders, but I will say that having come here has has positive effects on those issues. I had a lot to learn and some of it came harder than the online business instruction itself.

Got a long way to go...
RickBell57 Premium
A crazy journey I wouldn't wish on anyone.
If only you knew what the earlier years were like...

Had some rough times, but they were much worse before the 2000s.