Success in any form of education is a derivative of being social and being able to interact with others. Not only learning from others, but teaching. The Open Education Project platform encourages connectivity, communications, commenting, networking, sharing, learning, and teaching all at once.

To clarify these components, I am going to break down the social engagement points within Wealthy Affiliate and show the benefits of socializing within each of these.

The Dashboard - Global, Personal Feed, Notification

The dashboard is your home base within Wealthy Affiliate and is where you are going to be able to become in the know of activity going on within the network. There are four different aspects to the dashboard that I will explain in detail:

Global Activity - The global feed includes all activity within the Open Education Project. This is a good place to reveal new and trending content as it is pulled from all aspects of Wealthy Affiliate and all members.

Personal Feed - This your personalized feed, or friend feed. This is controlled by you, meaning that your feed is only going to include conversations that you actively participate in and things that the people you are "following" are doing. It is important that you follow people within the open education project that you are interested in and are friends with.

Notifications - This is where you will be notified when someone responds to your comments, comments on a training resource you create, someone engages in a conversation, someone comments on your blog. Basically any action that is related to you within the system. This allows you engage within the system and track conversations that you are having.

Chat - This is an open discussion where you can discuss anything you like. Please behave [in British accent] or you will lose privileges. This is a medium to help, get help, discuss topics, and interact with fellow members at Wealthy Affiliate University.

If you are the owner of the training you should make your best effort to get back to people as quick as possible. The more prompt you are with your responses, the greater your following and the more people will engage, share, and read your training (a good thing).

Blogs - Discussing different topics on your blog. This could include pretty much anything that you want, the same way you as you would externally of WA. Blogs are an awesome way to get your message out.

My Profile - This is your personal page. This is where you can provide people with some information about yourself, provide funny or silly pictures, add your websites, and interact with people on a personal level. This is where a lot of people will come to follow you.

Forum (PREMIUM Only) - The forum is another place that you can interact and ask questions. We typically recommend the forum as a place for people to view other people's questions (to get help from other people's past questions) and to ask questions that you need to elaborate on. It is another great way to communicate within the system as all forum activity is sent to the dashboard feeds.

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pamelarose Premium
Hi ! I tried so hard yesterday to understand my 2ND lesson and even watched it over and over. Today I am going to watch it again, I am determined to learn now that I have finally found a teaching , step by step boot camp. Not a run around scam. Thank you guys!
EricWinslow Premium
There is a lot to learn but I am finding it deeply rewarding it is a skill you can use your whole life after I learn everything I am going to design websites for people.
EricWinslow Premium
I always wanted to go to school for this now this is my school.
AfqmBiz Premium
Damn, I knew it and still knew it! Knew that a Great Leader as humbled and success as Kyle, still existed!

I made the right decision on taking the promotional offer on becoming yearly paid Premium Members! How the last few hours of holding my nerve for resources and made it at the 11th hours still one of the best moment and decision I've ever made!

The prospect to be selected and on the plane to Vegas meeting all top brass relaxing ur way and to be involved in business overview could only one of the best life turnaround so far in my whole 36 years of existence! Terrific and terrific and terrific!

But if it is not me one of the huge parties there, at least we did some effort that better than nothing. I will still feel the blessed of those Members that could make the trip. At the end of the day, being just here on W.A platform is already something blessing.

All the best folks!
pamelarose Premium
I am excited to be included in such a group of willing participants to help teach people the steps of website affiliates. I have been through a lot of run around of learning nothing and paying for getting help I didn't get. So I am feeling hopeful for the first time in a long time.
xanfo Premium
Wow! This is my first time coming across this spam stuff. I seriously never knew of this rules even though I know there are rules in every serious like WA in other to bring sanity to their platforms.
I hope this will be available to the new members for the to know before hand before they flout the rules unknowingly.
It-Is-John Premium
This was very helpful Kyle. It caused me to consider and revise a recent Press Release related post in which I included external links to one of my websites. It may not have violated any of the above rules, exactly, but I think we need to be mindful of the spirit and valuable purpose for which the spam rules exist.

To your success Wealthy Affiliates!