Knowing how to communicate within The Open Education Project system can truly make the difference between educational success and failure. Knowing when and how to reach out for help, how to properly communicate with others, and how to maximize your networking potential within Wealthy Affiliate will help speed up learning efficiency.

I am going to discuss the different "communicative" aspects within WA and show you how to best use these.

Live Chat - Need help in real time? Live Chat allows you to interact with Carson and myself along with other members at Wealthy Affiliate in live manner, discussing pretty much any topic that you are interested in talking about. This is the first place you should go if you need help "NOW" as someone there will likely be in chat and have the knowledge to answer your questions. You will find the Live Chat within the main "Dashboard" here at WA.

Don't be afraid to ask questions or join in on conversations. Chances are if you have the question, someone else had it at some point and was able to figure it out. That is what the chat is there for, there is no such thing as a stupid question! It is all part of the learn process.

Profile Communication - Within many areas of Wealthy Affiliate, you can either click someone's image, their name, or "view profile" button (depending on where you are at) to view their profile. Once on a fellow members profile, you can communicate with this individual directly via the profile feed.

This is a great way to interact with people right within their profile in a personal and direct way. You can learn a lot about someone and their activities by visiting their profile, follow them, and get more information about the person via their bio.

If you want to leave a message, you simply use the comment box (as shown above) and leave a direct comment, message, question, etc. This is a great way to get in touch with someone personally, without having to send them a private message (which others cannot see and benefit from).

Follow People - This is not as obvious as some of the other ways in which you can communicate within the OEP system, however it is one of the most powerful. That is, FOLLOWING people that interest you, that you like, that help you, or that you find engaging.

The reason this is so powerful is because you have a "Personal Feed" within your Dashboard where you can see what the people you are following are doing. This includes there activities within WA, what they are blogging/writing about, the training they have created, the interactions they are having, etc.

Also, by following and networking with others, you will build up your following yourself. There are a few different ways to follow people..

  • Within their profile - There are many links to someones profile within the system, whether it be within a chat, within a blog post, within dashboard activity or a can visit someones profile from many places and "follow" them once you get to their profile.
  • Within training or blog posts they create - Within every training resource, you will see a member bio with a Follow button within it. If you like the training, I suggest you follow that particular member as they likely will have lots of awesome stuff to share in the future. To follow, you simply click the "Follow" button.

    Note that you will not see the Follow button with a member bio (inside of the training) if you are already following the creator of that particular content.

To see your following, you can go to your profile:

Interacting within Training - To understand something, you need to educate yourself in that particular area. Being active and engaging in the training within WA OEP will act as a very significant boost in your productivity, your knowledge base, and ultimately lead to much more efficiency within your business.

If you don't understand a particular topic, the first thing you should do is search within the training search bar to see if training is available. If something similar is available, you will want to read through it. As you are reading, if you have any questions on that particular training, you will want to leave it within the training.

Engage in Blog Posts/Stories - People have a lot to share and sometimes some of your best ideas will come from the most obscure content. I personally read blog posts daily and get a ton of insight and value out of just reading them, regardless of their nature. Sometimes someones story about how they are frustrated or how the just had the most exciting day will give me an idea or inspire me to create something.

Sometimes a blog post will help you resolve your existing issues. Sometimes you will see a blog post on a "news item" and it will allow you to engage and learn about a brand new topic related to Internet business. Follow people that write quality posts on their blog. Also, interact within people's blogs, it can lead to a much better network of friends along with some of the best ideas and education you will get!

Also, this includes your own blog posts. If you have an idea, topic or just a story of yours that you would like to get out there and discuss, create a blog post of your own. You want to learn more about a topic, a great way to get help is through a blog post that articulates it.

How to Contact Us (Kyle & Carson)

Need help with something and you feel as though you have reached your last resort? Have something that is a bit more private about your business that you would like to discuss with either Carson or myself? We are here to help!

First and foremost, if you are trying to get in touch with us with a question that can be discussed in an open medium, I would suggest you post it in a Live Chat. Carson and I frequent live chat and are in there hanging out and helping people on a daily basis. If you want to catch us, look there first.

If you cannot reach us there or you have something that you would like to discuss in Private, you can send Carson or myself a private message (PREMIUM Members Only). If you go to either one of our profiles, you will see the Private Message button (shown below).

To find us and other members, you can do a search from anywhere within WA using the search bar.


This will take you directly to our profiles.

Lastly, you can post your question or message on your profile feeds. We regularly check these as well and would be more than happy to help you out there. You will see the feed on our respective profile pages.

Be Active, Be Engaging, See Results

The best students in school are typically the ones that study the hardest. The MOST SUCCESSFUL ones are the ones that take action, engage regularly with others and get involved in discussions, ask questions when they need help, and teach others when they can.

The more you communicate within the Open Education Project and interact within the system, the more success you are going to see (in business and personally). Don't be afraid to ask for help...there really is no excuse for you to get stuck! We are here and there are 1,000's of other members with the knowledge you need that are willing to share it!

Many avenues of communication and relationship building are at your fingertips!

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seconds2work Premium
You can count me in on The Open Education Project. I'm for teaching others what I've learned here at WA. I'm glad I found this information.

I was just saying the other day how I wish I had someone to push me, give me so feedback that will help me help my business and all along I had a system that I was not using.

I'm learning a lot here at WA, but I think I'm lacking some social skills. The Open Education Project looks like it may be something that may help me readjust my comfort zone.

Thank you again Kyle
Lindadz89 Premium
I still don't understand why I had t ok remover my link from my blog here on WA? There is nothing on this list that applies to it. It wasn't selling anything simply sharing work thus far as Course 2-Lesson 10 suggests? Please explain further, My blog is on my profile if you read it, there is nothing in it that pertains to any Spam, I removed the link, but feel that there was no wrong downing? Please explain further. Because sharing my websitr link neither takes away from nor adds too my blog content. So it's not a big deal. Just need some clarification because it appears to be unjust.
LouisaB Premium
I am so glad to read this post by Kyle. I am 4 months new and had no idea what spam consist of. So I am to keep a bookmark on this lesson and watch what I comment about and what I post on my site. Now I have learn a great lesson. So now I must review my sites and see if they are in compliance with WA rules.
theresroth Premium
It's good to occasionally read this tutorial again!

It can be easy to get sidetracked about certain endeavors that are unrelated to what WA is all about, and it's great to be able to access this reminder when we are not sure if something's ok or not.

Thanks again, Kyle!
I have just joined the PREMIUM member. I got a hint of the benefits. I will encouraged every body to join. I see that there are a lots of items to read and grasp. But I am not discouraged. I want to see how far can I go to get some money. Every thing is done for money. Please, don't accuse me of being greedy. If I get money , I can fund for my future payment. This must be understood by every one. At last I must wish GOOD LUCK to every member of the WA, including myself. Thanks for reading my blog and sending some kind of encouragement and help to me personally..
CateR Premium
Well done!
And we'll never call you greedy - just lucky.
ruthrobinson Premium
you are here like the rest of us who desire to earn from home without the pressure of a boss or time clock. Of course you want to make money SO do we. There are many successful people here doing it already. No one here will call you greedy just smart. Best of success to you! Ruth