There are several components of the training at Wealthy Affiliate and I am going to explain these in detail. It is important that you understand where to go when you need training, how to find training, how to get help when you need it, and the components of social engagement.

Anyone can create training and it is incentivized. Meaning, yes, you will get paid for your training and there will be huge opportunity within the Open Education Project system.

The Search Box Explained

You can now find anything with a quick search using the latest search technology within Wealthy Affiliate. There are a vast number of training modules within Wealthy Affiliate, including videos, training, and courses that are easily accessible the Open Education Training platform.
Finding training on topics that of interest to you is easy. Simply enter what you are looking for in the search bar and it will search our training database live as you are typing. It will search right down to the specific page that is most relevant.

How to Perform a Proper Search

Be specific within your search.

If you are looking for information on "customer service", type this into your search. You will notice that as you are typing, search results will start to appear automatically that are relevant to the content that you are typing into the search bar! Here is an example of this search.

If you are looking for information on how to create and ad group, type in:

how to create an ad group

If you don't find what you are looking for, you can then start to go a bit more broad. In these type examples, you may want to try "ad group" and "customers" respectively.

You can also search for fellow members within WA by adding an "@" symbol. For example, if you want to search for me and my activities within WA, your search would look like this...

You will notice that as you are typing in letters for a name search it will give you names related in context of the characters that you are typing in. If you type in "ky" you are going to get a list of fellow members at Wealthy Affiliate with the letters "ky" in their username.

But what if you do a search and don't find what you are looking for?

If you don't find what you are looking for, click the "Can't Find What You Are Looking For"� and you will be able to submit a request for training. The awesome part about this is that many contributors to Wealthy Affiliate will then see this training and will likely create it if they have that particular knowledge set.

You can request any training at any time. If you have done a few searches and cannot find what you are looking for, make a training request. The more specific you are within your training request, the better. Then someone with the appropriate skills and knowledge will see what you are looking for and build that specific request.

When a request is created you will be notified! Now how awesome is that?!!

Tag Based Training

This means a much more diverse set of training. Online business is vast and moving to a tagging based system will allow training on any topic, whether it is pinterest, ebay, etsy, backlinking, Facebook, article marketing, writing content or Google Adwords (the list goes on)...everything in the Internet Business niche will be covered within the Open Educaton Project training.

You can get ideas that you may not have thought of by referring to the tag cloud with the main Training page. It will look like the following:

You can play a big role in this training and be rewarded from it as we are going to explain later.

Getting Started

As mentioned earlier, the Getting Started course is the starting point for all members. Even if you "think" you know everything there is to know already or have created success online in the past, you should still walk through this training. It covers the current fundamentals you need to know to succeed online TODAY, not YESTERDAY.

This course evolves as the Internet does and is always kept up to date. Chances are you may have some bad habits (if you have experience already) and this will help you get rid of them. From niche selection, to website creation, to traffic to monetization, this training has it all.

I always recommend this course to anyone that is:

  • New to Wealthy Affiliate
  • Is stuck and frustrated with their current niche
  • Has years of experience, but is still not achieving success
  • Wants to start fresh in a brand new niche
  • Wants to learn the fundamentals of online business

It really is the ONE course I recommend to everyone that is getting started or needs a kick in the butt. It walks you through current principles that work in this day and age and will show you how to fully benefit from the tools and training here at WA for maximal efficiency.

The Benefits of the Open Education Project

Education should be open, it should be current, and it should engaging for not only the people getting the training but for the educators/contributors. The Open Education Project encourages this engagement, but ultimately you will get out of it what you put in.

If you just browse on the peripheral you will learn by all means, but you may not get the same sort of education as you would if you are actively involved in discussions, within the social aspects of training (comments/chat), and become involved in helping others.

If you have ever learned something in the greatest detail you will realize that this is either because you "practiced" or implemented what you learned, or taught someone else on the subject matter (or both).

As a contributor of The Open Education Project you will earn incentive within the system, which I am going to be covering in much greater detail later on.

Our efforts going forward will be to continue building the best open educational platform in the world, one with the most comprehensive and diverse training in the Internet business niche. If you want to understand any aspect of the world of Internet business, there should be no reason to look outside of WA.

Welcome to Wealthy Affiliate, The Open Education Project...your learning and communication platform that evolves EVERY SINGLE DAY!

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seconds2work Premium
You can count me in on The Open Education Project. I'm for teaching others what I've learned here at WA. I'm glad I found this information.

I was just saying the other day how I wish I had someone to push me, give me so feedback that will help me help my business and all along I had a system that I was not using.

I'm learning a lot here at WA, but I think I'm lacking some social skills. The Open Education Project looks like it may be something that may help me readjust my comfort zone.

Thank you again Kyle
Lindadz89 Premium
I still don't understand why I had t ok remover my link from my blog here on WA? There is nothing on this list that applies to it. It wasn't selling anything simply sharing work thus far as Course 2-Lesson 10 suggests? Please explain further, My blog is on my profile if you read it, there is nothing in it that pertains to any Spam, I removed the link, but feel that there was no wrong downing? Please explain further. Because sharing my websitr link neither takes away from nor adds too my blog content. So it's not a big deal. Just need some clarification because it appears to be unjust.
LouisaB Premium
I am so glad to read this post by Kyle. I am 4 months new and had no idea what spam consist of. So I am to keep a bookmark on this lesson and watch what I comment about and what I post on my site. Now I have learn a great lesson. So now I must review my sites and see if they are in compliance with WA rules.
theresroth Premium
It's good to occasionally read this tutorial again!

It can be easy to get sidetracked about certain endeavors that are unrelated to what WA is all about, and it's great to be able to access this reminder when we are not sure if something's ok or not.

Thanks again, Kyle!
I have just joined the PREMIUM member. I got a hint of the benefits. I will encouraged every body to join. I see that there are a lots of items to read and grasp. But I am not discouraged. I want to see how far can I go to get some money. Every thing is done for money. Please, don't accuse me of being greedy. If I get money , I can fund for my future payment. This must be understood by every one. At last I must wish GOOD LUCK to every member of the WA, including myself. Thanks for reading my blog and sending some kind of encouragement and help to me personally..
CateR Premium
Well done!
And we'll never call you greedy - just lucky.
ruthrobinson Premium
you are here like the rest of us who desire to earn from home without the pressure of a boss or time clock. Of course you want to make money SO do we. There are many successful people here doing it already. No one here will call you greedy just smart. Best of success to you! Ruth