The Wealthy Affiliate affiliate program, one of the highest paying, recurring affiliate programs any where in the world! We pay our affiliates over $1 MILLION per year in commissions! As an affiliate you have access to training, tools, and support mediums that will lead to unlimited earning potential and ongoing education. We also have regular incentive programs and offers that allow you to boost conversions.

We started Wealthy Affiliate in 2005 as keyword tool site, but over the years it has evolved to become the thriving "online business" education platform and social community that it is today, offering training to any level of business or aspiring entrepreneur looking to leverage the Internet as a traffic, brand, and revenue creation medium.

We are active in the WA community every day, from the forum, to Live Chat, to building on the existing tools, services and training that are available to all members. We are dedicate to helping people succeed, regardless of their "niche". The WA Affiliate program is just one of your options online, but if it is something that you are interesting in promoting and passionate about, it can be a very lucrative opportunity.

So How Much Can You Make?

Our top affiliates at WA convert at very high rates as low as 1 sale for every 8 visitors sent (based on a 7 month period and multiple referrals a day), with rates being as low as 1:4 during promotions (self or Wealthy Affiliate driven). Average conversion rates vary based on the campaigns, but overall conversion rates you can expect as an affiliate are approximately 1:30.

Below is a chart drawn from some Affiliate data indicating different conversion rates. This was pulled randomly during the early months (Jan-Feb), typically very strong months for the promotion of anything self-help.

The following is the breakdown for the recurring commission structure:

$22.50 per referral recurring monthly (GOLD MEMBERSHIP)

$175.00 per referral recurring yearly (YEARLY MEMBERSHIP)

You can earn up to $175 sales! Many people upgrade once they are members to the yearly membership package as it is quite a savings, so if you refer people regularly to Wealthy Affiliate, you can expect some of the commissions to be the $175ones. It is hard to find an affiliate program that pays that type of revenue anywhere!

The average retention of Wealthy Affiliate members is approximately 6 months, with many members staying on board several years (yes, we still have some members from 2005). Imagine if you make a sale where the person sticks around for 5 years, that would equate to over $1000 on a single sale!

We have done a potential "monthly" and "annual" income breakdown for you based on only a 4 month membership (which is lower than the current average).

4 Month Average Membership Referrals Monthly Income Annual Income 10 / mth $1,860 $22,320 1 / day $5,580 $66,960 2 / day $11,160 $133,920 3 / day $16,740 $200,880

Make just 3 WA referrals per day, and you are looking at over $200,000 recurring revenue in just the first year! The potential really is that big.

Our goal is to help you become a "Super" WA Affiliate at WA. We send several people payments exceeding $10,000/mth and we would love for you to be part of this group...because really, anyone can achieve and exceed this level of success if they work at it.

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lazarusbarse Premium
Thanks for the answer. Do you have offline advt materiel, like flyers, cards etc?
Kyle Premium Plus
No we don't but this is likely something that will come. Feel free to test anything that you like though in the offline world.
kwest2016 Premium
I agree. Some offline materials (post card designs, for example) would be helpful.
lazarusbarse Premium
I am super excited with this opportunity. I am raring to go. can I promote WA as a website "which trains people to build websites, get traffic and also helps build website which can make money. All this for FREE".
If yes then which url should I use to drive my target looking for the above benefits.
Kyle Premium Plus
Yes, absolutely. That is a definite approach as everyone that joins gets a free Wordpress website which they can use to earn money within any niche.
just wow :)
VictoryWay Premium
I am also glad to join. Although i am exceptionally gifted and a moralized "perfectionist" i could use some one on one with the masters of WA to help me with a few questions. One particularly regarding you Affiliate Program. Thanks for all your help.

Carson Premium Plus
@Derek, I will be glad to help you with any questions you have regarding the WA Affiliate program. Sharing Wealthy Affiliate University not only greatly benefits the people you are referring, you have the opportunity to make the only "guilt free" money in the Internet marketing and online business industry. I mention guilt free because at WAU people are getting a real education and access to a cutting edge platform for very little expense.
lanier Premium
I'm glad that I joined, and excited with the opportunity to be able to earn while learning, and sharing the opportunity with others.