There are several ways that you can promote Wealthy Affiliate. With the emergence of social media marketing strategies, the ever changing PPC world, SEO and regularly Google Panda updates, email marketing, and with the article marketing and submission world quickly changing, it is our goal to keep you on top of the changes. Our affiliate techniques will deliver you with marketing techniques that work now, not last year and not even yesterday.

1. Pay Per Click (PPC) Marketing

PPC marketing is a "paid" marketing technique, so unless you have a budget set aside to promote Wealthy Affiliate, we suggest you skip this until you have some seed money.

Because of recent changes at Google, we do not recommend using their Google Adwords platform for any make money product (at this point anyways). They tend to be very stringent on their rules and suspend accounts like they are going out of style. In fact, over 1 MILLION accounts have been suspended since 2010!

Instead, we recommend using Microsoft Adcenter, which manages the ads for both Bing and Yahoo search. They are a less difficult to work with than Google, and they allow you to promote Wealthy Affiliate, assuming that you are providing relevant content based on the keywords that you are promoting.

The advantage to using PPC is that once you find the right audience to sell to and have your website optimized, referring people to WA will run on auto-pilot for you. You can hyper target the keywords you are promoting and the positioning of your ads, and as long as your website is converting, it will continue to convert as long as your ads are live.

Facebook Ads is also another PPC channel that you can use to promote Wealthy Affiliate. You can either pay to promote your website (directly), or you can promote your Fan Page in attempt to get more likes. If you want to learn more about Facebook Ads, visit the Facebook Ads page within your Facebook account.

We have a dedicated course to PPC Marketing With Bing...

Start the PPC Marketing With Bing Course Here

2. Article Marketing

Article Marketing is a great way to drive quality, relevant and free traffic to Wealthy Affiliate and there are unlimited opportunities using this technique. Article marketing does require you to write content (or to outsource your writing), but if you follow a schedule, you will achieve great success promoting WA.

Article marketing essentially works like this. You write a 400-500 word article target a keyword that you discover by doing Target Audience research. You then submit your article to an article directory like, where it then gets ranked. You are essentially taking advantage of the sites "clout" to get your article ranked. Then you can add links within the article that go to your own website promoting Wealthy Affiliate, free traffic that you can leverage to earn you consistent sales!
We have a full lesson & task based course available for you to work through. This course will teach you exactly how to get started, and how to build yourself a thriving article marketing campaign for promoting WA.

Email Marketing

Building a relationship with people before you promote Wealthy Affiliate has proven to be a very effective technique for generating very high conversion rates. In fact, some of our most successful affiliates utilize pure email marketing campaigns. They work essentially like this:

You obtain traffic => You send people to a page where you offer something in exchange for their email address => They sign-up => you email them and build relationship by helping them => they trust you and you build a rapport with them => they listen to your product recommendations and you earn $$$

That is the process in a nutshell. Unlike a single visitor to your website, it is far easier to build a relationship with some through regular emails and regular "help". We have a resource dedicated to promote Wealthy Affiliate via email marketing which also includes some sample emails. If you already have a list or want to build a list, this resource is for you.

Using Email Marketing to Promote Wealthy Affiliate

Social Media Marketing

Like, Tweet, Google +1. Socially media is part of our lives and most people don't fully understand the benefits of it. Almost all affiliates are now associated with one social network and are utilizing it as a medium to drive further sales. If you are not, you should definitely incorporate social media marketing into your routine.One quick way to utilize social media to promote Wealthy Affiliate is using the WA ShoutOut system. This allows affiliates to share quality content within their social networks (Twitter and Facebook), simply by clicking a button. That is right, you click a button and you can earn WA commission! How easy is that.

To learn more about the WA Shoutout, view the following training:

Using the WA Shoutout System

Also, if you are using Facebook or Twitter, we would suggest that you follow us. It will give you an idea as to how we leverage it and plus it would be awesome to be friends with you!

Kyle on Facebook
Carson on Facebook
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Kyle & Carson on Twitter

Forum Marketing

There are literally 1,000's of related forums out there where people are discussing topics related to Internet marketing, online business, internet jobs, keyword tools, search engine optimization...the list goes on an on. You can utilize these to promote Wealthy Affiliate. This is "activity" based marketing, similar to that of social marketing. The more active you are in these communities and the more sound advice and dialogue you initiate, the more people will respect your opinion and promotions of Wealthy Affiliate.

We have dedicated an entire resource to the promotion of Wealthy Affiliate via forums:

Promoting Wealthy Affiliate via Forums

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lazarusbarse Premium
Thanks for the answer. Do you have offline advt materiel, like flyers, cards etc?
Kyle Premium Plus
No we don't but this is likely something that will come. Feel free to test anything that you like though in the offline world.
kwest2016 Premium
I agree. Some offline materials (post card designs, for example) would be helpful.
lazarusbarse Premium
I am super excited with this opportunity. I am raring to go. can I promote WA as a website "which trains people to build websites, get traffic and also helps build website which can make money. All this for FREE".
If yes then which url should I use to drive my target looking for the above benefits.
Kyle Premium Plus
Yes, absolutely. That is a definite approach as everyone that joins gets a free Wordpress website which they can use to earn money within any niche.
just wow :)
VictoryWay Premium
I am also glad to join. Although i am exceptionally gifted and a moralized "perfectionist" i could use some one on one with the masters of WA to help me with a few questions. One particularly regarding you Affiliate Program. Thanks for all your help.

Carson Premium Plus
@Derek, I will be glad to help you with any questions you have regarding the WA Affiliate program. Sharing Wealthy Affiliate University not only greatly benefits the people you are referring, you have the opportunity to make the only "guilt free" money in the Internet marketing and online business industry. I mention guilt free because at WAU people are getting a real education and access to a cutting edge platform for very little expense.
lanier Premium
I'm glad that I joined, and excited with the opportunity to be able to earn while learning, and sharing the opportunity with others.