Taking action is the KEY to earning a living online, and you have to be proactive and take consistent action if you want to be successful. You do not need to be an expert marketer to take action with promoting Wealthy Affiliate, because it is a fact that you learn the most as a marketer by implementing what you are taught.

In other words, you will become an expert marketer and one of our top affiliates by taking consistent action. All we ask is that you implement what you learn, and in return we will deliver on our end...helping turn the traffic and leads you send to us into conversions and revenue!

Create Regular Goals with "Actionable" Tasks

If we can tie a single item to being the cause for success it is "actionable goals". Over the years we get a very common question all the time. "Why aren't I seeing success?". This is followed by one of us asking "What actions have you taken thus far to achieve success". Their response, "well, none yet but I have read a lot!".

That is the issue. You cannot read to succeed. You need to follow the affiliate training here, record your goals by writing them down, and then working your butt off to achieve these goals.

If some of you are wondering what some "types" of goals are that you should be setting, here is a sample list:

  • Writing an article targeting a keyword relevant to WA
  • Submitting an article to StreetArticles.com
  • Email 10 friends and family telling them about WA (w/ your affiliate link)
  • Finding 10 keywords relevant to a target audience
  • Building a Wordpress site for the promotion of WA
  • Adding a blog post/page to your website
  • Getting a backlink to your website/article
  • Creating a Facebook Page for your website
  • Getting 10 Facebook likes
  • Making 30 new facebook friends
  • Creating a twitter account
  • Sharing something via the WA Shout System every day
  • Writing a bonus guide
  • Sending out an email
  • Write a guest blog post on someone else blog
  • Writing an email sequence of your mailing list
  • Contacting all your friends regarding an upcoming WA promotion
  • Create a partnership with another site to promote WA
  • Post 20 local flyers with your WA affiliate links on them
  • etc.

The list goes on and on. Anything that requires an action and that will lead you to building on your existing campaign AND will lead to more opportunity and more reach, is an actionable task. If you create goals and take action to achieve these goals, success as a WA affiliate is inevitable.

Jump Start Your Campaigns

OK, the long and the short of it is that people want to see INSTANT results. Although this is not a reality if you are aiming to create a long term business and if you want to become a highly successful WA affiliate, we do have some suggestions if you are looking to make that first sale.

Often times making a sale makes it "real". To hear of other people making money is one thing, but to actually see the commission $$ in your control panel and to get that first "you have made a sale" email, is quite the awesome feeling.

Technique #1: WA Shoutout System

This should be part of your daily activities as a WA Super Affiliate. The reason is that it is simple and you are sharing helpful content with your social networks (Twitter & Facebook) with the click of a single button. When you share the content, it passes your affiliate link through to your social profile. If the person decides to join WA at anytime after clicking through to the content you share, you get the referral. Many affiliates are making regular sales using this system.

For more info, visit the training onhow to use the WA Shoutout System.

Technique #2: Share Affiliate Link with Family, Friends and Acquaintances

An easy way to earn a few sales is to invite people you know to join you at Wealthy Affiliate. As mentioned within our Target Audiences training, almost everyone could use more money which means that your friends and family may be likely candidates. Except for you have one additional thing working for you, trust. People that trust your recommendations are far more likely to take action on your recommendations. This is a quick technique that many use to get a few quick referrals.

This sharing could take place through email, through word of mouth, or sharing your WA affiliate link within your social networks and communities (where you hang out).

Technique #3: Hit Your Mailing List

Many of you reading this likely have mailing lists. If you do, you should definitely consider sending an email out to your mailing list, ideally you would consider sending some free, but helpful information to them first from Wealthy Affiliate (grab a few item links from the WA Shoutout system). This will give them brand awareness of Wealthy Affiliate so that when you do send a promotional email to them about WA, they already have a certain comfort level with the product.

You may also have a big rolodex email list that you can contact to obtain some quick Wealthy Affiliate referrals. Remember, every referral that you get, you are looking at $150+ when taking the retention into consideration.

These are 3 quick techniques for earning money, but they should not replace your regular action taking and building your campaigns towards something much bigger. Action is the root of success and all the Las Vegas Super Affiliate take ongoing and regular action. It is the BEST long term business model.

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lazarusbarse Premium
Thanks for the answer. Do you have offline advt materiel, like flyers, cards etc?
Kyle Premium Plus
No we don't but this is likely something that will come. Feel free to test anything that you like though in the offline world.
kwest2016 Premium
I agree. Some offline materials (post card designs, for example) would be helpful.
lazarusbarse Premium
I am super excited with this opportunity. I am raring to go. can I promote WA as a website "which trains people to build websites, get traffic and also helps build website which can make money. All this for FREE".
If yes then which url should I use to drive my target looking for the above benefits.
Kyle Premium Plus
Yes, absolutely. That is a definite approach as everyone that joins gets a free Wordpress website which they can use to earn money within any niche.
just wow :)
VictoryWay Premium
I am also glad to join. Although i am exceptionally gifted and a moralized "perfectionist" i could use some one on one with the masters of WA to help me with a few questions. One particularly regarding you Affiliate Program. Thanks for all your help.

Carson Premium Plus
@Derek, I will be glad to help you with any questions you have regarding the WA Affiliate program. Sharing Wealthy Affiliate University not only greatly benefits the people you are referring, you have the opportunity to make the only "guilt free" money in the Internet marketing and online business industry. I mention guilt free because at WAU people are getting a real education and access to a cutting edge platform for very little expense.
lanier Premium
I'm glad that I joined, and excited with the opportunity to be able to earn while learning, and sharing the opportunity with others.