Join Super Affiliate Marcus as he takes you on a virtual tour of his experience at the Las Vegas Conference in 2009! This is a must read for all WA Super Affiliates who are working towards an invitation to our annual private conference!

Marcus' Personal WA Vegas Story

Article Marketing Course

Promoting Wealthy Affiliate with article marketing is a great way to drive free, highly qualified visitors to your affiliate link. This lesson & task based course offers you step-by-step instruction on how to succeed in promoting WA using Article marketing.

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Promoting Wealthy Affiliate Using MSN Adcenter (Bing/Yahoo)

Learn How to Promote Wealthy Affiliate Using MSN Adcenter (PPC)

Target Audiences

Targeting your audiences and delivering highly relevant content on your webpage is going to drastically increase your conversion rates and sign ups. In this section we tell you exactly how to target your audiences while promoting Wealthy Affiliate.

Get Information About Wealthy Affiliate Target Audiences!

Forum Marketing

You're active in other forums on the web, you can take full advantage of this and use the techniques within this section. We've had members earn literally thousands of dollars without spending a dime on advertising. Forum Marketing is one way to do achieve this.

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Email Marketing

Ever wanted to achieve a 10% conversion rate of traffic that you send to a merchant site? Promoting Wealthy Affiliate through your own opt-in email list can get you 10% conversion rates or higher. We've explained this in detail and pre-written you a sample 5 day opt-in follow up sequence that you can use / modify and implement into your WA opt-in campaigns.

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WA Banners & Promotional Graphics

Although banner advertising isn't the preferred way to promote a product or service, it can really drive a lot of traffic to a website if the banners are catchy! If you've got an Internet Marketing related website, you may want to put up a WA banner and drive some banner traffic to the WA website using your Affiliate ID.

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WA Shoutout System (One Click Marketing!)

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lazarusbarse Premium
Thanks for the answer. Do you have offline advt materiel, like flyers, cards etc?
Kyle Premium Plus
No we don't but this is likely something that will come. Feel free to test anything that you like though in the offline world.
kwest2016 Premium
I agree. Some offline materials (post card designs, for example) would be helpful.
lazarusbarse Premium
I am super excited with this opportunity. I am raring to go. can I promote WA as a website "which trains people to build websites, get traffic and also helps build website which can make money. All this for FREE".
If yes then which url should I use to drive my target looking for the above benefits.
Kyle Premium Plus
Yes, absolutely. That is a definite approach as everyone that joins gets a free Wordpress website which they can use to earn money within any niche.
just wow :)
VictoryWay Premium
I am also glad to join. Although i am exceptionally gifted and a moralized "perfectionist" i could use some one on one with the masters of WA to help me with a few questions. One particularly regarding you Affiliate Program. Thanks for all your help.

Carson Premium Plus
@Derek, I will be glad to help you with any questions you have regarding the WA Affiliate program. Sharing Wealthy Affiliate University not only greatly benefits the people you are referring, you have the opportunity to make the only "guilt free" money in the Internet marketing and online business industry. I mention guilt free because at WAU people are getting a real education and access to a cutting edge platform for very little expense.
lanier Premium
I'm glad that I joined, and excited with the opportunity to be able to earn while learning, and sharing the opportunity with others.