There are some tips and tricks you can incorporate into your follow-up emails or broadcast (one time emails) that will lead to better conversions. They are as folllows:

(1) Don't Waste Your Own Time Writing Content

Coming up with concepts and writing from scratch can take a long time. I am not saying that you should copy other people's content and use it for your own purposes...but you can definitely leverage things that are already out there to get content out there much quicker to your list.

Time is money right? The first thing I suggest you do is to take advantage to the Wealthy Affiliate Blog posts. Instead of you writing your own content, you can link to take advantage of the Wealthy Affiliate Blog posts (and link to them within WA using your affiliate link).

You will want to use this format:

Replace YOURID with your affiliate ID and you will get commissions for any sale generated from people that visit the blog post through your link. Not only that you are giving out quality content! Note that you can do this with any post, just add the ?aid=YOURID to the end of it.

Another thing you can do is get content ideas from or These are article directories that have a lot of relevant content to "make money online", "work at home" and "internet marketing" related topics. You can get some ideas here, reword and rewrite, make a blog post and then link an email within your follow-up sequence to your own blog post.

(2) Leverage Launches at WA to their MAX

At Wealthy Affiliate, there are always new things being added and upgraded. This could be as simple as a new NicheQ being added, or as big as a new system or upgrade being added to Wealthy Affiliate. You are really missing the boat if you do not take advantage of these by blasting your list.

Ex. Something new at WA, I can't believe they just added this!, New Keyword Tools Updates!!!, Free, unlimited hosting has arrived. People want to know about updates and they will have no problem with you contact them. The more interest you can captivate from someone, the greater chance of converting someone.

(3) Offer your own BONUS if someone joins

Sometimes people need that extra little "bump" to join something. That is why I want to give you some ideas as to how you can do this via a bonus. People love bonuses...whether they are coming in their cracker jack box, or when they get a free t-shirt for buying a case of beer. Bonuses INCREASE conversions...simple as that.

Here are some ideas for bonuses that you could create:

  • Create a mini-guide (PDF) on a specific topic - outline a specific marketing strategy, a technique you use...could essentially be anything that has perceived value.
  • Create a mini-course on your website
  • Create a keyword list of hot keywords
  • Create a list of hot niches

Then, you want to send these people an email and say, "Bonus if you join WA". Within the email explain how it works. If someone joins WA, get them to email you with their receipt and then send them off the bonus. Or you could even create the bonus right within Wealthy Affiliate (as a tutorial, video, guide) and then point them to that link. Bonuses work like gangbusters and don't be afraid to spend some time to create one and offer it within your follow-up sequence. It will lead to higher conversions.

**Note: Put either a time limit or copy limit on your bonuses (or both) will add urgency and they will convert higher.

(4) Provide something of value inside WA

This is simliar to a bonus, but you can offer people "that are not members" something that is offered inside of WA. By this I mean that you could point them to forum post you created (click here to check out my forum post on _________) and then tell them they need to be a member to join.

This could be a post on your WA Blog. Check out my latest blog within the WA membership area...

This could be as simple as your forum name. Contact me today within WA and I will help you succeed online.

This could be a success post. I can't believe ____ just earned $1,000 in one day from article marketing. You can check out the post here (you need to be a member to visit this link).

This could be showing them how you use a tool within WA (and to use it, they have to join). Check out my keyword research tutorial using the keyword tool at WA. Need to be a member to use this amazing tool.

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RegatJay Premium
Today I created by Mad blog.

This tutorial was just the job for me. I missed some stuff and reading this I managed to get on track.

Will now mess with the settings and get used to posting, updating and adjusting things.

Thanks for the training, spot on as always.
morlandroger Premium
Great tutorial but at the risk of seeming dumb whre to I go to actually install the WA blog theme?
realystateman Premium
Great tutorial but at the risk of seeming dumb whre to I go to actually install the WA blog theme?
Louise M. Premium
You ROCK guys! This is just awesome! :)
bturner Premium
You ROCK guys! This is just awesome! :)