Want some ideas for what you can write about within your email sequence? I think I can help.

Before I go off on a tangent here though, you need to know a couple things. People like valuable information. We know that. People also like to be told what to do. People like to be told what action to take to do something. AND, believe it or not, people like to be told to buy something (assuming it will help them).

So, I am going to break your 'email concepts' down into 3 different categories:

(1) Information - to learn something

The first thing you can do is provide people with pure content. This can includes tip, trick, strategies, news, your own personal story...or anything in between.

You can tell them about your new car you bought from your Internet marketing earnings, or you can tell them about the latest news that is being talked about in the Wealthy Affiliate forums. Maybe you want ask them a question to learn about them? This is OK to.

Here are some ideas of things you can write about within your follow-up sequence:

  • Internet marketing stories you have to share
  • Other people's internet marketing stories that have touched you
  • Stories that are completely irrelevant, yet somehow tie into your online ventures (the car)
  • Industry information or news
  • People information on news (relevant to making money online)
  • A new technique or strategy that you have found or come across
  • Your personal opinion on current events
  • Wealthy Affiliate news/informaton
  • Tools you use to succeed online

Please note that the delivery of these things does not matter. You can deliver the information within the actual email, however you may want to deliver it within your website or blog. This way people are revisiting your page and you will be building your website traffic along with your own personal brand. Some people also love to do video and that is great if you want to add a video to your blog and then drive people to your video (from your email).

Here are some good resources you can use to find information:

  • Brain - Write from the hip...sometimes this makes it more interesting
  • Ezinearticles.com (find relevant articles to what your are writing about)
  • Other blogs (seek out make money blogs)
  • The Wealthy Affiliate Blog (you can link to any of our posts w/ your affiliate link)
  • The Wealthy Affiliate Forum
  • Other online marketing forums
  • Google - search for what you are looking to write about and you will get lots of ideas

(2) Action- to do something

Getting someone to perform a specific action is bigger than you probably think. Just being here as a member of WA, you have access to training that will teach you do a wide variety of things. You can translate this information to your list and get them performing specific actions that will get them building something.

This could include:

  • Writing an article
  • Submitting an article
  • Create a Squidoo
  • Creating a website with weebly
  • Set-up a web hosting account
  • Sign-up for a free affiliate account
  • Watch a video
  • Research keywords
  • Research niches
  • Visit a how to website to see what people are asking
  • Write a forum post
  • Write a blog post
  • Create a blog

Really anything that requires the person do something (click, build, research) other than read, you have an action item on your hands. You can be creative here, but if you walk someone through a process where they are doing something...and ultimately accomplish something, you have just built yourself a new friend. You are essentially teaching people how to "walk" before they try to run within the online world.

(3) BUY - to purchase something

This is where people typically fail. Either they come across as spam robots, or they don't recommend stuff enough...thus never making sales from their funnel. You need to find a happy medium here.

The first thing that you need to understand is that people are consumers. They do not mind buying stuff...in fact they like it if you are viewed by them as a friend and you recommend something that will help them out.

Think about this...

If a friend told you that they were part of an school for learning how to make money online and it has helped you create a blog, build a list of email subscribers and make money all within a couple of months, would you be interested. What if you told them they could accomplish the same thing? They will be standing lines asking you where to sign-up.

However, you need to create relationships first. You cannot hit your list with 5 promo's in a row from the get-go. Offer them valuable information, get them taking action, and then incorporate timely and relevant promotions.

By offering the first two items (good info and action), you will be able to easily get them to do the final item, BUY! That is where you make the money!

Follow this strategy when modifying and building onto your list. You will experience much greater success.

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RegatJay Premium
Today I created by Mad blog.

This tutorial was just the job for me. I missed some stuff and reading this I managed to get on track.

Will now mess with the settings and get used to posting, updating and adjusting things.

Thanks for the training, spot on as always.
morlandroger Premium
Great tutorial but at the risk of seeming dumb whre to I go to actually install the WA blog theme?
realystateman Premium
Great tutorial but at the risk of seeming dumb whre to I go to actually install the WA blog theme?
Louise M. Premium
You ROCK guys! This is just awesome! :)
bturner Premium
You ROCK guys! This is just awesome! :)