This training is part 3 of the "ATTENTION" series

The ultimate means to attract attention is


Today we are expecting.

The behavior of people can be controlled with smart trucks or forms.
Forms that attract attention. Everyone who attracts your attention creates expectation.

Just look at yourself, how quickly you pick up the phone when you receive a message.
Your attention is awakened by the beep.

Companies, apps, advertisements and websites use your expectation to hold your attention. And they create expectation so that you keep coming back. Our brains are crazy about expectation.

An expectation is a prediction of what you think will happen.
And if your predictions are correct, you no longer have to pay attention to the subject.

That is why the surprise element is so important.
We all think it's wonderful to receive a wrapped gift.

Not because the packaging looks so nice and decorated, but because of the expectation of what's under the wrapping paper. Under the paper there is something that stimulates your attention. A reward for your expectation.

You know that something is going to happen, but you know little about what is going to happen.

You can see this phenomenon very clearly with those awful kid's surprise chocolate eggs.
The chocolate taste bad, the toy is worthless, but the effect of the surprise and the anticipation makes everything right.

We are strange creatures, when we are ALWAYS rewarded by performing a certain action, we don't like it. There is no surprise effect. When we feel the tension that we "maybe" get a reward, everything suddenly becomes much more attractive.
That unpredictability is much more effective in attracting attention.

You can do a lot with it on your website.
For example:

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Much more exciting!

A variable reward attracts much more attention!

That's how slot machines work, you expect the jackpot, but it's not entirely certain,
and despite the negative figures, you continue to put in money to continue to stimulate that expectation.

You don't have to visit a casino for this. We all have a cell phone. And we often check these for a reward. A Whatsapp, an FB message, an email. Every message "feels" like a reward. The uncertainty of whether there is a message for you works optimally for your expectation and attention in your brains.

The built-in "pull to refresh" function that most people know to use, works great to hold attention. You probably recognize it yourself, that you "refreshed" the page and nothing new appears, and immediately afterwards to refresh it again, and again.

What a bad feeling you get, when nothing has changed.
And how wonderful it feels when that "reward" does appear in the form of another message!

Where does that nice feeling come from?

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Thumpsy Premium
Wow! Great post Loes
Loes Premium
Thank you very much😀
bijanamid1 Premium
Loes, That was a great work- Just like all your other works.
Could you please let me know how I will be able to get attention and demand for my :
1- Copywriting business.
2- Life coach and therapy business.
i do not get any response for my blogs.

Thank you,
Loes Premium
Are you active on social media? Twitter, FB, Pinterest, Instagram? Have you joined similar groups there?
By being active on platforms I mean sharing articles from others, like or pin. Follow and follow back people.

You must ensure that you become known out there.

You can also find (authority) websites and write guest posts, most moderators allow you to leave a link to your own blog

Place comments on other related websites, especially where you can enter a website field.

And keep on blogging, at least twice a week, until you get the result you want.

I hope this will help you a bit.
Israel17 Premium
This is great, Loes. Being everywhere, being time-conscious, being consistent, being persistent, being active, being helpful, being considerate, writing for yourself as well as for others, will take you there. The result is guaranteed.

Thanks for the training, Loes!
Israel Olatunji
Loes Premium
Thank Israel, just keep on getting out there on the world wide web:)
Twack Premium
Indeed, you took me on a journey full of expectation and there it was at the end, my reward. Excellent, thank you.
Loes Premium
Great 😀 mission accomplished 😎
Claudiojuan Premium
Hi Loes, very interesting tutorial related to our expectations. Mine are on the rise. Thank you!
Loes Premium
Thanks Claudio. Keep them going:)
Joes946 Premium
Good grief just keep doing it - hitting it outta tha park! Great lessons and some great pointers.
Thanks for all you do.
Loes Premium
Thanks:) You're welcome. I am glad you like it Joe
Joes946 Premium
Love it!