What is a Niche?

Niches are specialized subsets of broader markets in which a limited range of products are sold to a very specific group of people. “Niche” is a marketing term used to identify a group of people with a common problem or a common interest.Groups of people with common needs could be:

    ·-Work-from-home moms or dads

    ·-Baby-Boomers, Retirees

    ·-Men, Women, Teenagers, Children

    ·-Teachers, Builders, Sales Professionals, Coaches, Investors, College Students, Website Developers, Home Cooks. Golfers, Athletes, Gamers, Gardeners...

A niche is simply a group of people with a need and buying power in the marketplace. In reality, niches are created by identifying the needs and wants of specific groups of people.Niche marketing is accomplished by promoting and providing a limited group of products or services to accommodate the needs of prospective customers within the like-minded affinity group.

Simply put, niche marketing is the best way to make money from the gigantic pool of internet buyers because it is highly focused on the specific needs and wants of the buying audience.

There are hundreds and hundreds of niches from which to choose. What you want to find is a starving group of people who are ready to buy the solution you offer. Your starving group could be any affinity group with common problems, needs or interests.

Want to make money? Find a starving group of people who want to buy the solution you offer.

To be successful as a niche marketer, you must clearly understand needs and communicate effectively with the niche.That means you must be able to identify and meet their unique needs and be able to speak to their “hot buttons”—not as an outsider, but as someone who is in their circle.

Retirees for example, find it easier to talk to seniors and other retirees because they share similar needs and have had similar experiences. The same is true with new parents to other new parents or anglers who know exactly what to promote and how to communicate effectively to other anglers.

Money Tip #1: Choose a niche that you can relate to easily based upon your past experience and knowledge.

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Hi Rebecca,

I was thinking of sharing my life experiences.. for example, how do i manage with unemployment, sister's marriage, life after graduation.. basically telling people out there that it is okay to go through it, i have gone through it, this is what i did.. i wonder where does this category fall under?

Could it be self help? unemployment?

Would be great to get opinions from you and anyone who can relate to my train of thoughts!

mriver62 Premium
Hi Munira,

I have something of the same idea but i have no idea of how it can be profitable as a niche. I am a realtor and aspiring christian speaker to women's groups. I speak to women from my own experiences, abuse, death, infidelity, divorce and how they can get from heartbreak to where God wants them. In the real estate market I have been an expert on getting people home loans even when it seemed impossible. I have just started my ministry
and I am in the process of getting speaking engagements set up. If i can find an answer for my niche I will pass the informatoin on to you, please do the same for me.

Wishing you great success in your online business.

God Bless, Judith
Telecaster89 Premium
Hi Rebecca,

You really have opened my eyes to finding a profitable niche. I have toyed with a couple of different niches but I couldn't decide on one that I thought would either be profitable or me having enough knowledge to make my site authoritative in order to drive traffic and potential customers to a website.

I am going to read your training again possibly a few more times and take notes.

The training here at WA is beyond words how good it is but they ask you to pick a niche in the beginning of the training and create a website based on that niche but they do not go into detail like your training here and I think it confuses members on what is the best niche to pick just as i have experienced but I think after reading your training it will give me a better understanding of what to decide on for a good profitable long lasting niche.

Thank you Again,

ALengearman Premium
Thank you rebeccas:

This was very well done, while being thoughtfully laid out for the student reader. I was really intrigued and impressed by the level of sophistication and expertise, which was evident in your presentation.

The material also contains an exceptionally high level of focus, on the relevant subject matter, while going into lengthy detail about the specifics involved (how it works).

Yet as I've seen before with Wealthy Affiliate Lesson plans it was pleasantly straight forward and was rather easy to comprehend due mostly to its clarity.

Finally, I enjoyed following along with your step by step concepts through how to actually profit online, because they really did illustrate quite well to me, where the money is.

Again, thank you so much for sharing this, because it was truly an awesome learning experience for me!
Ok,Rebecca,Thank you for your tutorial. But finding a niche is so complicated that I have to go through many person's tutorial to grasp it, because I find myself lost in the ocean of niches. I must learn to swim in various ways to reach it. I learned from you that I have to 1..find the right audience 2..To understand their problems 3..to give them some solutions. I am trying to find the right audience, but I am failing. Any more help from someone , please.
JennyMiller Premium
What life experience do you have? perhaps it would help to try and find something that you're able to relate to personally.
Redundancy, retirement, marriage, divorce, children, grandchildren. - Why did you start with Wealthy Afflilate? - Helpful if you decide the to follow Bootcamp.
What are your hobbies, interests. Sports ( any).
Why do you do the things you do?
Where to get your pets next Halloween outfit?
What problem do you want to help people with and provide them with solutions for?
I hope that is a little helpful. J
elecamp Premium
Interesting niche training. I know now what I will do!
It seems I've been living this niche for the last 30 years.
Now I know something about it to write about i!
I think in everyone out there that there is some inner thought will eventually rise to the surface of your mind and you can use it!
I hope to have my site up soon and will show you what I mean!