Reasons why you might not be ready

There are lots of reasons why you may not be ready to sign up to Premium. Which of these resonate with you?

  1. Lack of money
  2. Lack of time
  3. Not sure whether you're really interested
  4. A fear of failure
  5. Want proof it works
Let's look at each of these in turn.

Lack of money

Have you been through your finances and seen if there is anything you could cut out to actually afford the premium membership? The price is $47. No one's pretending that this isn't a lot of money - but look at what you get for the Premium membership. I'm not going to kid you and say you'll start earning money immediately but if you work hard, take action, review both success and failures - the money will come in.

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Lack of time

Ask yourself whether it is really lack of time or lack of commitment.

Every member of Wealthy Affiliate does internet marketing alongside all the other commitments they have in life. Have you worked out how you could give it a little more time. Perhaps get up half an hour earlier a day or go to bed an hour later - that would give you an additional 3.5 hrs a week and if you use that time wisely you could achieve a lot.

Not sure whether you're really interested

That's fair enough. Internet marketing isn't for everyone. But make sure that you're being honest with yourself. Is that you're not sure whether you're really interested or you're not sure whether you're interested until you're sure you can make some money?

In order to find out whether you're interested in developing a successful online business you need to keep developing your site. Take action and find out whether you have a passion for what you're doing or you want to drop it altogether.

Fear of failure

What have you really got to lose by learning more about internet marketing and taking advantage of the Premium Membership? It's true it might not work. On the other hand you could become hugely successful. Are you really going to let your fear of failure stop you from taking advantage of the resources and support that's available here at Wealthy Affiliate?

Want proof it works

There are members who have shared their success - but they could all be lying - right? Wrong. There are many successful members who make a very comfortable income from what they have learned here. . You can read about some of their success but this might not be enough to convince you. Sometimes you just have to give something a go and see what happens.

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In the meantime - carry on through this tutorial on what you can do until you make up your mind.

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nathaniell Premium
This post will make my life a lot easier. So many people want to learn, but do not want to sign up for premium. I think you did a great job outlining the benefits, but also including some direction for those people that simply do not have the option (or refuse it) to pay for a WA membership. Thanks for taking the time to do this.
BIS Premium
Thanks Nate, kind of you to say so. I can understand why some people are reluctant but it take a big effort to try and do it by yourself.
freedomforus Premium
Beverly thanks again. Finished all of your 7 pages now and....Wonderful! Super! & on & on!!! Beautiful. Now I must read ALL your other blogs! Larry freedomforus
BIS Premium
Thanks Larry. Intersperse them with some other people's! There are some very good blogs. Always recommend anything by @IveTriedThat
veronica.l Premium
This is a fantastic resource Beverley. This does help with the inner conversation going on when making a decision going premium or not. Should be a must read for all free members on day 8.

BIS Premium
Thanks Vicky. I
hope that some of the starter members who aren't ready to take the plunge will find it useful.

leoemery Premium
Fantastic - great resource - this is getting bookmarked for sure - Thanks Beverley

BIS Premium
Thanks Leo. It something I felt was needed for some time and hopefully some members will find it useful.
vanhawk Premium
Yep for sure this has been a great help to me, as day 8 is coming up quickly, and I'm not going to be able to go premium, like I thought at first!
Thank you!
Alan Hocking Premium
An excellent resource for the "Not ready to take that step just yet......." group and one I will be definitely be referring people to in the future.

Thanks Beverley, a 10+ as always!
BIS Premium
Thanks Alan. I just thought there was a slight gap. Not everyone is ready immediately.
Alan Hocking Premium
Absolutely. There was a massive void and you have filled it perfectly!