Sounds crazy doesn't it. How is the alphabet going to lead me to "keyword revelation".

Quite easily actually. This is one of my most protected and favorite keyword research techniques of all time.

There are 2 tools that you need for this research technique:

(1) A keyword tool (again, I use Jaaxy)

(2) Google Instant

Finding the initial core search term.

I am going to continue on with my "parrot" niche here, again we are going to start out with the broad search term, this time though we are going to type it into Google.

As soon as you type a term into Google Instant, it starts giving me some related suggestions. Google typically shows the most popular searches first, in this case the phrase "parrot ar drone" (I have no idea what this is!) was the most popular extension of the parrot keyword.

I then dump this keyword in Jaaxy...

I get some very targeted results. One has very limited competition. The cool part about this technique is that it has revealed an entirely new niche to me, "parrot ar drone", which after research I have figured out it is an drone that you can fly using your iPhone or iPad. Definitely a unique niche.

Walking through the alphabet

Since this is not all that relevant to my parrot (or bird type) niche, I am going to continue on. The next step is to type the next letter of the alphabet into Google, "b". Start with a Google Instant search:

Perfect, I have found a couple of keywords that are relevant to my niche, parrot breeds and birds. This time I am going to get a bit more relevant though, and to do this I am going to continue my search on "parrot bird" by completing this term within the Google search bar.

My next step is perform a search in my keyword tool on one of these newly found terms, in this case I will check out "parrot bird cages"

I have a bunch of new keywords, not all of them are 100% specific to parrot bird cages, but I have come up with a few terms that I could definitely make use of.

parrot bird cages, 309 competing pages
corner bird cages, 190 competing pages (could apply)

Are you seeing the power of this? I have just brushed the surface of two letters in the alphabet and one broad word.

**Note that everything within Google instant is not going to be in keyword tools. Google Instant is sometimes much more current as keyword data can be a month delayed. Google instant also does produce search terms that don't get searched, so sometimes this will be the case. The key is leveraging every keyword possiblity here.

The "Before" Keyword Variation

There is another way to utilize Google Instant to get at keywords, this time instead of using the alphabet after the search term, we are going to use it before the search term. Note that this time you DO NOT want to put a space between the letter and the keyword.

In the example of :parrot" targeting the letter "b", you would type in a "b" before "parrots" (make sure that it is already in the search).

As you can see, it is now showing variations of the broad term parrot with all the "b" terms preceding the target term here. You could then plug each of these into a keyword tool and get a bunch more keyword variations.

If I went through the alphabet with the term "parrot" alone, I would likely have 1,000's of awesome keywords that I could use to build a very large campaign. You no longer have any excuse for not being able to find keywords...use the Alphabet technique!

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jonathon1645 Premium
Hello, I have a question. maybe im complicating the simple, or trying to simplify the complicated, not sure. But can we not just promote a specific product.. building the webpage and keywords aound that alone? Such as a specific video ? Curious in the given example, why is the site and keyword building around Iphone5cases, and not just promoting one specific type of iphone case? Or one specific parrot birdcage?
Kyle Premium Plus
Because you can promote MANY products on one site. You don't want to trap yourself to a specific product or your site will not be able to evolve and you will end up having to buy 20-30 websites (for each iphone case). Rather, I would target iphone cases and dedicate my site to that and accessories.
escape11 Premium
any printable version of this guide available?
Kyle Premium Plus
No, there is no print feature with our content here at is all online based.,
Kushmeup Premium
So the home page should just be an intro to your site with some links and no keywords? Then have pages with a main keyword as the title and then have keywords relevent to the title in the content? Where would I put the outbound affiliate links in all this content?
Kyle Premium Plus
It can be an intro to your site, it could be your blog roll, it could target the keywords of your website if you want as well. You are going to be putting outbound links to affiliate programs as you start building out the content, if you do this too early though Google will end up punishing your rankings.
pls how do i send my articles to streetarticles?
Andrew4Study Premium
You have to go to and sign up for an account. After that you will be able to publish your article.
vannii Premium
All great idea!