By now you should have more than enough ideas to keep you busy for anentire year. However, I want to give you some additional ideas that will give you NO EXCUSE as to why you cannot find keywords to promote WA for either your article marketing, on-site SEO, or PPC campaigns.

The first thing I want to discuss are "solution" keywords. When people go online and are really serious about buying something (or are willing to), then tend to search for a solution keyword. By this I mean a keyword that best reveals a solution to a problem.

Think about this for a second. If you were looking for help with your parrot, you may type in:

  • What do you feed a parrot
  • Do parrots make good pets
  • How do parrots sleep
  • How to teach parrots tricks
  • How to teach parrots to talk
  • How to tell if parrot is sick
  • Why does my parrot hate me

People are becoming smarter with their research, and tend to ask questions to search engines. Because of this there has been a bunch of sites that cater to this Q & A type them. These are also know as "how to" sites.

Here are some of the top ones:

The gist of it is this...

You type in a broad keyword search into one of these sites and you get a list of questions that people are asking. For example, I typed in "parrots" into and I got the following questions out of it (in seconds).

In just seconds, I have a bunch of awesome, targeted "solution" type keywords. Use this technique to expand your keyword sets and come upwith some really great converting keywords!

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jonathon1645 Premium
Hello, I have a question. maybe im complicating the simple, or trying to simplify the complicated, not sure. But can we not just promote a specific product.. building the webpage and keywords aound that alone? Such as a specific video ? Curious in the given example, why is the site and keyword building around Iphone5cases, and not just promoting one specific type of iphone case? Or one specific parrot birdcage?
Kyle Premium Plus
Because you can promote MANY products on one site. You don't want to trap yourself to a specific product or your site will not be able to evolve and you will end up having to buy 20-30 websites (for each iphone case). Rather, I would target iphone cases and dedicate my site to that and accessories.
escape11 Premium
any printable version of this guide available?
Kyle Premium Plus
No, there is no print feature with our content here at is all online based.,
Kushmeup Premium
So the home page should just be an intro to your site with some links and no keywords? Then have pages with a main keyword as the title and then have keywords relevent to the title in the content? Where would I put the outbound affiliate links in all this content?
Kyle Premium Plus
It can be an intro to your site, it could be your blog roll, it could target the keywords of your website if you want as well. You are going to be putting outbound links to affiliate programs as you start building out the content, if you do this too early though Google will end up punishing your rankings.
pls how do i send my articles to streetarticles?
Andrew4Study Premium
You have to go to and sign up for an account. After that you will be able to publish your article.
vannii Premium
All great idea!