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Have you been suffering relentless spam every time you make a post on your website? I have.

Every post I make is followed almost instantly with a spam message. The messages are full of "Gobble-de-gook" and heaps of links all of which mean nothing. None of it makes sense and I wanted to find a way to stop this stuff from taking up my time as well as web space and Google rankings.

So I posted a blog recently asking for help regarding this subject and suggestions as to how to stop the onslaught of spam I was experiencing.

I had Akismet activated but it didn't help at all - at least with this type of spam message which kept on coming and generally straight away after I added a post. Very annoying!

So, after my blog requesting help, a wonderful WA member named Jay replied to my message and suggested I try G.A.S.P. Since installing GASP I've not received one robot spam. Now this may change for some unknown reason, but I'm just putting this out there to try and help other WA members who may be suffering the same demise with Robot spam.

Have a look at the video above and you'll see how easy it is to install GASP and stop these robots from infiltrating our websites and taking up our time and web space. If for some reason I've jumped the gun here and I'm either doubling up on information or providing info that doesn't work for you, I apologise and stand corrected. Let me know if this is the case.

Otherwise, I'll presume that the info offered here has helped people and I sincerely thank Jay for setting me on the right path here. Credit is paid to Jay at the beginning of the movie.

I hope this helps everyone in WA.

Be prosperous and cheers, Phil.

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DoubleTap Premium
Yup... great tool and a great job! Thank ya', Phil!
Phil52 Premium
Thanks Randy.
TJ Books Premium
I'm tired of this robot scam crap. Thank you! John
2yorkiemom Premium
Love the accent. I am going to do this as a preventive measure.
dwdad99 Premium
Thank you Phil. This is a great tool to use.
Phil52 Premium
Hi Dave. Glad I could help. Cheers, Phil.
Shields Premium
Good Training, wish I had known it when I was coping with 1200 or so spams and deleted my beginning blog. Nice accent, too. Thanks much!
Phil52 Premium
Hi there and thanks for your comment. I hope this helps you out because it certainly has helped me. To date, I have received ZERO bot spam since installed. Cheers, Phil.