Writing with a template in mind can take some of the stress of being ‘creative’ off your mind and allow you to get to work. Remember, just because you start off with very basic writing, doesn’t mean it has to stay that way.

You can always take a new angle on old keywords, and do a new post, with more information. You can go back and improve old posts as well, which I do as I learn more about the subject I’m writing about. I will surely update this keg post later.

One last tip:

If you have writers block and just don’t know what to write, just follow this tutorial and don’t worry about word count. Maybe your article will end up only 200-300 words. That’s OK!

Do that one day, then go back the next day and try to improve upon what you have. Rewrite some sentences to be more detailed, or add a new section to your “support ideas” to make your article more thorough.

The final published post can be read here: xbrewx.com/how-to-keg-homebrew-for-newbies/

If you have any writing strategies to share, please let us know in the comments.

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gardenguy Premium
Thank you Nathaniell.......this was a really beneficial post. I've been having a terrible time crafting article ideas, into sensible and uncomplicated articles. This post is very good teaching for me and I have bookmarked it, as well as printed it out. My common sense viewpoint is if it works for you, it'll work for me.

Zeph23 Premium
Very interesting nathaniell.

It is simple, straight to the point and takes away the fear that comes with writing.

I can relate to this as a language teacher. Whenever I tell my students that we are writing a 500 word essay their first reaction is 'What on earth shall we do to have 500 words!"

But by the time I start breaking the process down, they realize it possible. Strange enough the end result is always amazing. That is holding them down to 500 words and not more. When they find the topic interesting, they always want go beyond that.
mrkmccllch Premium
Thx for that "Easy Way" to write a 500 word article, awesome actually. Reminds me of a strategy I once learned and had long forgotten... "Tell em what your going to tell em, tell em, tell em what you told em." There is definitely some comfort in a structured approach as a fall back or simply as a go-to.

Thx Again Nathaniell

paulkaz Premium
Wow Nathaniel, this is an awesome lesson and I have marked it as a favourite!

It really breaks down the process if creating an article. Before reading this I would probably have dived right in without a structure.

However, having a structure really does make it easier to write 500 words by taking it in bite sized chunks!

You are a born teacher Nathaniell, this is a fantastic post.
QFIntrepid Premium
Nathaneil, this tutorial was really informative to me. Thank you so much also for the embedded/linked articles by kyle. Being such a newbie on the whole SEO ranking & conversion rates concept, this really opened a valuable aspect to my thinking regime relative to content readiness. Once again just simply rad.