This is wrapping things up. Our goal here is to review what we have said, as well as let the reader know what they should do next! Writing with intent is a great concept, and if you can figure out what you want the reader to do and tell them how to do it, you’ll get a lot more results for your hard work.

What should a reader do after reading your post? Here are some ideas

  • Like + Share
  • Comment
  • Opt into email list
  • Read another related post
  • Make a purchase

For this post, I just want to elicit some comments now. Eventually, I think I want to publish a page about kegging equipment and put some affiliate links on the page. I will then link to this page in my final paragraph to help people choose the right equipment for their homebrew kegging needs.

Again, we have a choice to be very basic if necessary. Essentially, you can just summarize each support idea and what they learned from reading. Add a ‘call to action’ that lets the read know what they should do next, and you've a full 5 sentences without thinking too much:

Sentence 1: General summary of post

Sentence 2: Summary of idea 1

Sentence 3: Summary of idea 2

Sentence 4: Summary of idea 3

Sentence 5: Call to Action

Here’s an example:

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Imageguy55 Premium Plus
Great Lesson. You really take the mystery out of writing an "SEO friendly" post.
Sometimes when I look at other websites, in my niche area I see great looking websites with great content, then I say to myself," I can't write like that" This lesson is very helpful, I don't have to be a great writer just good enough to give pertinent information to visitors.
herinnelson Premium
All your links that I've clicked and read to get to this one are outstanding! You have an incredible way of explaining directly and to the point with a great sense of understanding! Thank you for all your resources and opinions. They are a huge help to me! Great trainings! I'm a fan!
Zarina Premium Plus
Awesome tutorial, Nathaniel!
I personally use a free-writing exercise: It's a great way to unleash one's creativity for sure. I always recommend it to people who have writer's block :)
gardenguy Premium
Thank you Nathaniell.......this was a really beneficial post. I've been having a terrible time crafting article ideas, into sensible and uncomplicated articles. This post is very good teaching for me and I have bookmarked it, as well as printed it out. My common sense viewpoint is if it works for you, it'll work for me.

Zeph23 Premium
Very interesting nathaniell.

It is simple, straight to the point and takes away the fear that comes with writing.

I can relate to this as a language teacher. Whenever I tell my students that we are writing a 500 word essay their first reaction is 'What on earth shall we do to have 500 words!"

But by the time I start breaking the process down, they realize it possible. Strange enough the end result is always amazing. That is holding them down to 500 words and not more. When they find the topic interesting, they always want go beyond that.