What are Buyer Persona Types and how can they help you write engaging content and increase conversions?

While pursuing my Bachelor of Science Degree in Internet Marketing back in 2009-2011 I learned a lot of things that I have actually used in Affiliate Marketing but it’s just been recently that I was reminded of an assignment I had to do for Buyer Persona Types.

Slap my head and say Duh!

We are taught here at Wealthy to write for our audience but I really hadn’t narrowed my audience down to the point that I could write for them. I was writing for everyone who wanted to make money online but as I would write I’d wonder if the person I was writing for even knew how to do half the stuff I was saying.

You have newbies, intermediate and advanced people that want to make money online. So if I did a post on how to add a page/post to Wordpress an advanced person would quickly leave that page because they already know how to do that.

Enter Buyer Persona Types…

So what are Buyer Persona Types and why are they important?

J-P De Clerck, Managing Partner of i-SCOOP defines it best,

Buyer personas are examples of people you want to convince and influence so they take action. Action is only taken if the value we offer matches that of the intent of the people across their multiple touches.

What are the different Buyer Persona Types?

Knowing the 4 different types of Buyer Personas will help you determine the action you want your reader to take and what sort of content you will need to write to reach them.

They are: Competitive, Spontaneous, Humanistic and Methodical.

These next few pages I am going to describe what each of these buyer types are and I’m also going to share with you how I have defined my audience through these persona types.

The site I am using these persona types for is my own Bootcamp site www.livinlyfemarketing.com (which is still very much a work in progress) ;)

My target audience is: young women from the ages of 18 – 30 yrs. old who would like the freedom to stay at home whether single or married, travel the world with their friends or husband, work from home while raising the kids, in college looking for extra money or recently graduated and looking to start an online business.

Okay…let’s find out about these Persona Types and start with the Competitive Persona Type >>>>>

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BIS Premium
Hi Audrey. I enjoyed your training (though I felt a bit old - LOL - they all sounded so glamorous!) Thanks for the info - definitely somethings to ponder.
AudreyAO Premium
Beverely you are never to old to live that glamorous lifestyle. ;)
Thanks for reviewing the training and commenting. Means a lot to me. :)
Trialynn Premium
Thanks Audrey, this is great background information that can help us all write targeted articles.
AudreyAO Premium
I sure hope so Lynn. It definitely helped a couple lightbulbs go off in my head. ;)
Wayne Wallace Premium
thanks looks like good stuff I bookmarked it for later
AudreyAO Premium
Thanks Wayne. I know it's a lot of text to read but hopefully will help everyone with writing target content.
KD6PAO Premium
Thanks Audrey ... nicely done!
AudreyAO Premium
You're welcome Joe and thanks for the comment. :)
Damien Lane Premium
Fantastic knowledge share here Audrey!
(I'll be back to update this comment properly - though thought I'd leave a quick note now - midway through your training....)
AudreyAO Premium
Thanks so much Damien!
I hope it can help others as much as it has helped me. It's so much easier for me now when I write my content. :)