Before we proceed into the actual updating of "A" records for your domain, first let us understand what "A" records are.

In a nutshell, an A record (Address Record) points a domain or subdomain to an IP address.

The A record is just one type of DNS records which are used to control the location of a resource on the Internet. It is the type of DNS record that is used to point a domain name to an IP address. For example: It is the A record in my DNS settings that points my domain to the IP address of my hosting provider, which is

Now back to the question, how do we update these A records if we need to? The exact steps differ depending on what hosting control panel your provider uses, or on which registrar your domain is registered.

In this tutorial, I will cover cPanel (which is very popular), Godaddy, and Nameheap platforms. Further, the instructions that follow assume that you have already configured the nameserver for your domain properly. The settings you make by following the instructions on the next pages will only apply if you do it on the server that you assigned as the nameserver for your domain.

If this doesn't make sense to you, please read about setting the nameserver for your domain first:

If you are using the same provider for both your domain and hosting, there is usually nothing more to worry about the nameservers.

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tsgdimm Premium
Hello again,

So, it is not possible to access the cpanel for WA sites?
JasonGB Premium
You can access your files/folders etc via FTP but no cPanel
Teresa0575 Premium
Hi nimrodflores,
I think it would really help if you added Weathly Affiliates IP address that is needed for making an A Record.

I did eventually find it here But other than that, this lesson really helped me when my hosting company couldn't.

Thanks & keep up the great work
@RICH. Premium
If you're hosting here, you can simply go to Websites & Hosting in the main menu, click on Domains in the blue bar and then Add A Sub-Domain. Rich.
nimrodflores Premium
Yes, of course.. it's a lot easier and more straightforward if you'll be hosting your sites here.
PeetJG Premium
Hi Rich, I followed your instructions and indeed In MY DOMAINS at "BUILD MY WEBSITES" I have the option to login to CONTROL PANEL. after the line where-in my sub domain is
By clicking on that option I get a popup saying that I have to use FTP agent client. I am completely unfamiliar with FTP. Is there no other way to go the dashboard?
T1967 Premium
Hey PeetJG did you ever get the answer to your question?