I am sure you have heard that you do not NEED a website to make money on the internet, and this could not be more true. Having your own domain name is a powerful thing, as you will rank better in the search engines and offer your visitors a more credible source of information!

In order to have your own domain, you are going to need to register it hrough one of the many registrars out there like 1 and 1 or GoDaddy.

Most people have heard of GoDaddy from the commercials and other advertising they do, so I would guess many go to them by default. If you have your own hosting, like we enjoy here at WA, then it doesn't really matter where you register your domain name as you are just paying to put your 'name' out there. When I looked at it like that, I decided to find the least expensive place I could find to buy a domain name and came across 1 and 1.

Another perk I like about 1 and 1 is that they INCLUDE private registration. Basically this means that they put their contact information in the domain record so nosey people can't easily find out what domains you have registered. I'm somewhat paranoid myself so this was a big plus to me.

Anyway, if you've never used 1 and 1 before, I wanted to give you a quick tutorial on getting signed up, buying your domain name, and getting the DNS record pointed to the WA nameservers (assuming you are going to use WA Hosting).

Let me know if there is something I missed.

Let's get started!

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krishna7896 Premium
I have purchased a domain using 1& 1, It said that that your domain registration has begun, but thus far, I haven't received info regarding my domain... has this happened with anyone before?
DonDon Premium
I have used 1&1 and they seem to be the easiest and the cheapest to work with, although because it was my first domain it has taken a couple of days for them to approve my purchase because I had to send them photo ID and business registration documents before they would confirm the purchase. Hopefully now that I am registered with them I won't need to go through this process again.

Going in and changing the DNS settings is also easy, but now it tells me I have to wait up to 24hours for the settings to take effect in WA so I am currently here twiddling my thumbs waiting for that to happen so I can start building my webpage :)
turnitaround Premium
Just found this out. Will be using 1&1 from now on. Thanks.
Krys Premium
Beware if you are in the UK. They force you to register with their UK site where all the prices are the same number but preceded by a £ sign instead of a $ sign. I am totally disgusted with this rip-off and will never ever consider using these dishonest people!
fisheagle Premium
Great Training! Use 1&1 myself and this is informative and accurate.
jchilders Premium
Yeah, I initially used GoDaddy until I found out I could get privacy for free from 1and1.